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Kind Stranger Handed A Note That Changed This Incoming Kindergartener’s Thoughts About School





For children who are about to start formal schooling, the idea could be daunting. This is because they are only used to playing and eating as their main activities; some may not even be exposed to a large group of kids. These and a whole lot more were expressed by incoming kindergartner, Ella Mitchell to her mom while they were on a bus to Seattle.

Ella and her mother, Alaura Mae were having a conversation about school whilst on a bus. Little did they know that someone has been earnestly listening to their talk as well. A kind stranger, who was about to leave the bus handed the little girl a small piece of paper. It turned out that the paper contained a note that soon relieved Ella’s anxiety as she enters the big school.

Alaura Mae was so thankful to the stranger that she posted the note on social media, hoping to find her daughter’s life-changer. This is what the note read, according to King 5 News:

“When you practice letters enough, and the sounds they make, they’ll start to work together and make sense, and then you’ll be reading. When you can read, you’ll know what EVERYTHING says. All the signs, all the names, all the books, writing is EVERYWHERE if you look. Soon you’ll be able to read books, and everything there is to know is in them! You’ll be able to find out whatever you want! It probably won’t be easy, but it won’t be hard forever. It’s going to be so exciting! Good luck!”

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Here is the actual note of the kind stranger:


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