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Netizens Fear New Photo Editing App Will Increase Catfishing

“Omg. This app is crazzzyyyy. Catfishing [is going to] be too easy now.”

  • A new app allows the user to “recreate themselves or anybody they like.”
  • Apparently, it can transform anyone and give them their “dream appearance,” and make them look “sexy” in seconds on social media.
  • Netizens are expressing concern that the app could lead to increasing cases of catfishing.

Social media has its benefits, but it has been a favorite platform for catfishing. It’s easy to be who you want to be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook by using some editing tools.

With that said, a new app is getting netizens worried that it could lead to more instances of catfishing. The said app is designed to make users look slimmer in pictures, which is a perfect tool for those who want to catfish someone.

New app Photolift is being described as a face and body editor app created by Mimoza Bilgi Teknolojileri Limited Sirketi , a tech firm based in Turkey. With it, users can “recreate themselves or anybody they like” using the “reshaping tool” among others.

According to the company, the app is an “excellent tool for editing your photos for your Instagram, Facebook profile or posts for many other social media platforms.” Despite that, netizens think that it can be easily utilized for the wrong reason.

For example, the “reshape” feature allows women, or even men, to shrink down their waists, and enlarge their breasts.

A Twitter netizen posted a clip of how to use the app and it quickly went viral. She described the app as “terrifying.”

Another woman tried the app and shared the result on the comments section saying, “Omg. This app is crazzzyyyy. Catfishing gone be too easy now.”

While it’s true that some people might use the app for catfishing, it also presents additional problems. Society has already been brutal with the body image, and the reshaping tool further damages the unrealistic “standards” of beauty set by models, for instance.

Watch the video here:


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