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Chinese Social Media Stars Shock Internet After Unedited Photos Get Leaked Online




  • Two Chinese social media stars recently went viral after their unedited photos have been leaked online.
  • The images reportedly showed their real appearances.
  • The posts have since garnered a lot of mixed reactions among shocked netizens.

If you’re a frequent social media user, there’s one thing you should always keep in mind: not everything you see online are true. This has once again been proven by a set of photos that recently went viral that showed the reality behind two social media influencers in China. Apparently, they’re not exactly who people believe them to be.

In a World of Buzz feature, we learn about two Chinese social media stars who seemingly had enough of pretending how perfect they are by using photo editing software. This time, they finally revealed their real appearances.

A shocking revelation…

“After being secretly photographed, I haven’t been in the best of moods. That’s why these photos never made it online, after I weighed my options,” one of the two ladies reportedly wrote in her photo caption.

Expectation vs reality

As anyone can easily imagine, netizens were left in shock after seeing the unedited images side by side with the edited ones, with some pointing out that the fastest way to lose weight these days “isn’t dieting but editing.”

One commenter also said:

“This isn’t just photo editing. This has to be straight CGI or something!”

Another remarked:

“This is catfishing to the next level!”

Real or fake? It’s still a debate among netizens.

Meanwhile, some social media users continued to be skeptical whether the photos even really featured the same people. So are the photos actually legit or are we all just getting played here? That remains to be seen.

Well edited or not, it goes without saying we really should never trust everything we see on the internet.

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