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Couple Turns To The Internet For Perfect Engagement Photo, And The Results Are Hilarious





It’s easy to have a perfect photo these days. All it takes is a photo-editing software and a professional who can manipulate the photo and turn it into an image that you’ve always wanted. But getting professional work done is sometimes too expensive that some people would rather turn to the Internet for help.

By now, many people know that when asking for Photoshop help online, the results are always hilarious and cruel at the same time. You would easily think that people would refrain from asking free online photo editors but somehow, there are still those who like to ask for favors without paying anything in return.

A couple asked to have a shirtless man Photoshopped out of their favorite engagement photo.

And as expected, the photo was bombarded with trolls and this couple would have regretted this decision by now. Check out some of the results below.































At least the last photo is the most decent of them all.

The results were received with mixed reactions. Some people saw the humor in it and thought that they were downright hilarious. Others, however, are not so pleased, accusing the author of fat-shaming the guy in the background. There are also those who believed that the couple or the person who took the photo could have just asked the shirtless man nicely to step out from the background.

Then again, there are a few who argued that the couple should’ve just left the photo as it is, without any alteration.

“Keep him in the photo. This photo, as is, can serve as a great reminder that marriage is unpredictable, unexpected things happen: can’t photoshop your relationship/marriage. Make the best out of every situation, laugh and love often and, remember, no relationship is perfect,” one person commented on BoredPanda.

Well what do you think, guys? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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