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National Geographic Opens 2017 with its Very First Transgender Model

You will never believe how old she is.

Kat Lozada





And she just happens to be nine years old! Quite a surprising move by one of the most revered magazines around the world, National Geographic makes history as it starts the year by having a transgender on its cover.

Talk about crossing boundaries, don’t you think?

The January issue will have features on the varying cultural conversations and issues posed on gender, our everyday growing understanding of the concept and how it affects our day-to-day lives, as well as our relationships with others, both positive and negative.

National Geographic's January cover model is a transgender.

According to National Geographic’s EIC, Susan Goldberg:

“We wanted to look at how traditional gender roles play out all over the world, but also look into gender as a spectrum. There’s lots of coverage on celebrities, but there wasn’t an understanding on real people and the issues we face everyday in classrooms or workplaces in regards to gender”.

The surprise cover

Nine year old Avery Jackson graces the cover of the first issue for the year. An adorable girl with pink hair. Avery was quoted as saying in her interview, “The best thing about being a girl is, now I don’t have to pretend to be a boy”.

Toys don’t need to be separated according gender

Source: Hasbro

One of the feature articles entitled, “How Today’s Toys May Be Harming Your Daughter’s Brain”, talks about the growing issue of gendered toys that are heavily commercialized on children, especially girls. According to the article, this just reinforces outdated gender views.

The special edition cover

The special issue also uses a strong thought-provoking cover. It’s never just about being male or female.

It’s awesome that intelligent magazines such as National Geographic have started to talk about relevant issues of our time. What do you think?


News Presenter Forgets She’s Sitting At A Glass Desk, Accidentally Flashes Her Underwear

Her embarrassing wardrobe malfunction made headlines!

Mark Andrew



Anything goes when it comes to live TV and so there’s always a possibility for unexpected mistakes – such as in this viral video below. A gorgeous Italian journalist recently experienced an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during a live news broadcast when she forgot that she was sitting at a glass desk.

Costanza Calabrese, 38, was delivering the late night news for Italian channel TG 5.

Source: YouTube

She was merely doing her job, seriously and professionally. Unfortunately, she got a little too comfortable and forgot she was sitting at a glass desk when the camera later panned out.

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People Are Awesome 2016: The Compilation of The Most Epic Videos of the Year!

The compilation of this year’s most amazing caught-on-video moments will definitely cheer you up and blow your mind!

Faye Williams



The year 2016 was tumultuous and even toxic at times. However, that doesn't mean there was a shortage of incredibly exhilarating moments.

For starters, there are many seemingly ordinary people who do the most extraordinary things. These individuals are able to accomplish remarkable feats thanks to their fearlessness, skills, and genetic luck.

These people fly and move like real-life superheroes!

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Two Sisters Receive Teddy Bears With Voice Recording Of Their Late Grandfather

This short video went viral recently. It’s very heartbreaking!

Mark Andrew



This short video which has recently been posted online by a Twitter user who goes by the handle “jenn” has quickly achieved viral fame because of its sad, heartbreaking content. Numerous netizens across the world wept as they watched these two girls opened their Christmas presents and found an unexpected surprise.

According to jenn, the girls, her sisters, received teddy bears as gifts from their aunt.

Source: Twitter
What made the toys special, however, was they each had the voice recording of their late grandfather.

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