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Trans Woman Gets Arrested For Using Women’s Restroom In The Philippines




  • Transgender woman Gretchen Diez, 28, ended up getting arrested by cops because she used the women’s restroom in a mall.
  • The said incident went viral on social media and now Diez has officially filed complaint for how she was treated.

A transgender woman in the Philippines recently gained viral attention for getting arrested after using the ladies restroom in a mall. Gretchen Diez, 28, was at Farmers Plaza in Quezon City when cleaning crew member Chayra Ganal stopped her and told her to use the men’s room instead.

Unfortunately, things didn’t end there as Diez was eventually detained in another room and was harassed further by Ganal, who told her she’s “not beautiful” and she still “has a penis.” Diez captured everything on camera as she went live on Facebook and Ganal threatened to sue her for it, even trying to grab the trans woman’s mobile phone. Ganal also told her she wants to slap Diez in the face. An unidentified male security guard in the room likewise tried intimidating her to stop filming.

Transgender woman Gretchen Diez only wanted to pee. She ended up getting arrested instead.

As if that wasn’t enough, things escalated when the cops arrived as they handcuffed her and took her to the police station based on the complaint filed by Ganal.

After several hours, she was freed when Ganal dropped the case. Ganal has since written an apology letter, which Diez accepted.

Diez’ story immediately went viral and several media sources have since featured her.

The incident has led to a debate about LGBT+ rights.

Meanwhile, netizens are divided in their opinions with some pointing out that handcuffing Diez wasn’t even necessary as she didn’t violate any law. Others, however, are saying Ganal was only “doing her job.”

Araneta Center eventually issued a public statement, condemning their staff member’s actions.

Despite that, Diez still filed a complaint against the mall management, the sanitation service agency, and the security agency.

She said:

“I should be an example of forgiveness. Apology is accepted, I know that they admitted this mistake but at the end of the day, justice should be served.”

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte expressed support for Gretchen and the LGBT+ community.

Belmonte said she “condemns this kind of discrimination” especially since the city has an existing law, the Gender Fair Ordinance, which prohibits “all forms of discrimination, and protects and respects the dignity and human rights of everyone, especially the LGBT+.”

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