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This Mother-And-Son Tandem Sure Knows How to Rock Gangnam Style in a Very Entertaining Way!





Nothing can beat a mother-and-son bond. Science even has a theory regarding the inexplicable bond between them through the Oedipus complex. But sometimes this familial link gets lost as kids grow and grow apart from the home. However, we saw this video of a mother and son tandem dancing to Psy’s hit song “Gangnam Style,” and we instantly believed that such relationships still exist.

At first, it may seem like the son was just going to bust his moves alone, but then his mom suddenly went into the camera frame, they started to dance in a synchronized manner. The steps, we must say are not that complicated, but the incredible coordination between them makes the dance oh-so enjoyable to watch. It must be really cool to have a mother like her – willing to engage in his son’s passions and strengthening the bond between them in the process.

Watch their amazing video here:

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Credits: Mike Song

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