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Baby Elephant Too Eager To Get Close To Humans. Watch What Its Mother Did.

Never underestimate the power of a mother’s instinct.

Inah Garcia





A mother’s instinct, they say, is powerful. There is no known scientific explanation for it – at least, none that we know of. It appears like women just develop it once they become mothers.

Such trait is not only limited to humans; animals possess it, too. Take this video that we found as an example.

It looks like a fine day in South Africa when a mother-child elephant pair passed by the road. A tourist group inside a car saw this and went to a stop.

One tourist filmed the elephants as it passed by when suddenly, the curious young elephant came toward the tourists. See how the mother reacted.

Here is the video:

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That was too sweet! There’s really something about mothers that make them so awesome all the time.

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Source: Kruger Sightings

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Man Immediately Regrets Trying to Pet a Massive Anaconda He Found in His Kitchen!

It’s always best to leave a resting snake alone.

Ann Moises



Unless you’re into ophidiophilia, I don't think you'd consider cuddling a serpent. Most ordinary people would run in fear at the sight of the slithering reptile. Only the brave (or the foolish) would attempt to get near an ophidian from the wild---let alone try to pet it--- regardless of how small it is.

In the video below, a man whose identity was not disclosed found a snake in his house. But it was not just an ordinary serpent---it was a huge, black anaconda, and it was coiled up on his kitchen floor!

The guy must have felt shocked and also fascinated at the same time, so he approached the massive, limbless, creature. After showing his hand on the camera, he then placed it on the snake's resting body. Guess what happened next?

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Foul-Mouthed Parrot Goes Psycho Mode After Human Smashes Bird Cage

This angry bird just dropped more F bombs than I can count!

Mark Andrew



Birds usually don’t like round cages. It limits their movement for the most part, especially when they climb on the bar. Most pet owners know that birds often prefer cages with corners because it allows it, well, a little more freedom.

That’s why we’re not entirely sure why Pebble the parrot suddenly went ballistic when this human smashed a round cage in the video below.

Did this bird actually like the cage? Or does he know that it belongs to Jojo, his other parrot buddy?

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13 Most Venomous Spiders to Watch Out!

You may encounter potentially deadly spiders especially when you are out for adventure, learn to determine what kind of arachnid you are faced with!

Kris Evangelista



Sometimes when we travel and seek adventures on the mountains, forests and other outdoor places, we encounter different insects and animals which we at times are not familiar with.

It’s vital to at least know the things around the vicinity that you will visit to ensure that you are ready and well informed about survival and first aid in case of emergency.

In different places we can see spiders which we may think are not dangerous at all, be aware that there are highly venomous spiders to watch out for.

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