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How To Get Rid Of Pesky Mosquitoes Using Basic Kitchen Ingredients

A simple concoction may go a long way!

Mosquitoes are annoying, not to mention, carriers of fatal diseases such as Dengue fever and Malaria. With their presence on the surface of the Earth, we all wish they’d be gone forever. But unfortunately, they hold a vital role in this world by contributing to the long chain of the ecosystem. Frogs and other animals feed on them so they are indeed necessary for the biological aspect of the world to continue.

What we can do is to devise ways to protect ourselves and our family from these pesky insects so that we can prevent itchy red bites and serious medical diseases. We found this video that shows how to create a concoction that mosquitoes will surely love, they will be willing to get trapped inside. It’s very simple and requires basic ingredients that can be found in the kitchen.

Watch the video:

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We can’t wait to try this ourselves! What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

Credits: SF Globe via Metaspoon


Japanese Show Demonstrates How To Prepare Kids For School In Less Than 5 Minutes!

Waking, dressing and even preparing a fresh bento box in less than five minutes! This mother-and-son duo will show you how!

For parents, waking their kids up every morning is very challenging. Some kids won't get up from bed with a simple call or shake, and for parents, especially mothers, it is frustrating because they still have a lot of chores to do, and would want to expend their energy on other things than wake up ridiculously sleepyheads.

In Japan, a television segment called Jitan Seikatsu Gaido Shou (時短生活ガイドショー), aired by Tokyo Broadcasting System, or TBS features all kinds of ways to save time.

In one episode, they presented a mother-and-son duo who showed the audience how to prepare for school in less than five minutes! It is pretty hilarious and although the entire setup may not be applicable to all homes, we are sure that you can get valuable ideas just by watching this amazing video!...

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Creative Team Designs Awesome Superhero Murals in Their Office Using 8,024 Post-its!

Okay, I’m on my way to buy post-its!


Tired of those boring, bland, and lifeless walls in your office? You are not alone, buddy.

Most of the average office spaces that people work in feature white or gray walls. If you're having a particularly busy day, or inevitably, an annoyingly bad day, these lonely walls just add up to the dark mood. At some point in your life, you must have thought that a little color just won't hurt.

Ben Brucker probably thought the same thing. Ben and his team work at a creative agency, which is kind of ironic because the walls of their office didn't quite look creative. They decided to change this once and for all, so they came up with a brilliant idea for a wall decoration. They took the idea to their boss, who immediately approved their proposal and gave them a $300 budget....

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She Wanted To Have Privacy In Her Yard. So She Did This To Transform It! AWESOME!

She wants to keep her yard private so she did this to keep her nosy neighbors away!

In today's world where social media rules societies and homes, it is nearly impossible for one to have a legit place that he/ she can call 'private'. With Facebook and Twitter having location services, and people living by what seems like an unwritten rule of posting every single thing they do on social media, it is surely hard to keep up. But for this homeowner, it is not about keeping up- it is about finding a way to have our own private sanctuary.

The Imgur user also felt the same about her yard. Although it has a fence, neighbors can still creep in and see what's going on inside her yard. So she made a way to creatively transform her yard into her own little haven of privacy. Here's what she did:

This was how her yard looked before the transformation. Although there was a fence, nosy neighbors could still see through.


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