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This Mom Gives up Her Beautiful Daughter For Adoption. The Reason Will Move You to Tears!





For many moms who want to give a better future for their baby but simply can’t make ends meet, adoption is an inevitable process they have to endure.

Amber is no different from these moms. A single mother with two children, Amber had to make the painful decision of giving up her third baby to give it a better shot in life.

But choosing the perfect family for her unborn daughter wasn’t easy. Amber found herself browsing and researching about prospective adoptive families. Then one day, she came across Erik and Mike, a couple who maintained a great connection with the birth mother of their adopted son.

For Amber, it was the sign she was looking for. Erin and Mike are the perfect parents for her daughter.

Every once in a while, we hear incredibly moving adoption stories that bring us a roller coaster of emotions. But Amber as well as Erin and Mike’s story gives us a different view of adoption. It’s a story of pain and joy, despair and hope, and weakness and strength. It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time.

Watch the moving video here.

Do you think Amber made the right decision? Would you do the ultimate sacrifice to give your child a better chance in life? Share us your thoughts below.

H/T: SF Globe

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