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Abandoned Girl Living in Hospital For A Year Gets Adopted By Man Who Always Wanted to Be A Dad




  • Pablo Fracchia always dreamed of being a dad but was having trouble adopting a child because he is part of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Pablo’s life would soon change when he learns about a baby girl who had been abandoned in a hospital.
  • Although Mia had been left alone in a hospital for over a year, she would soon meet a loving adoptive father.

Most men usually take the duty of fatherhood for granted. However, being a dad has always been Pablo Fracchia’s dream. Unfortunately, being a gay man in Argentina made it difficult for him to adopt a child of his own. Luckily, things changed for Pablo when he found out about a little girl who had been abandoned in a hospital for over a year.

Pablo is a social worker based in Buenos Aires and he is also an LGBTQ+ activist. This makes him aware of the difficulties of the prejudices against gay people in Argentina. However, Pablo never gave up on his dream of becoming a father.

In 2017, Pablo decided to fill out the paperwork for the adoption process. It was a long wait and he only got an answer two years later. A family judge called Pablo about a baby named Mia who had been abandoned at a hospital by her family. Pablo immediately went to meet the little girl the next day.

Mia was abandoned at the hospital when her family could no longer afford to take care of her due to a gastrointestinal condition. The little girl had been living in the hospital for over a year. Although it seemed like a lost cause, Pablo hoped he would be chosen to be Mia’s foster dad.

Amazingly, things worked out for Pablo and Mia. The judge who was assigned to Mia’s adoption process chose Pablo over four other couples. From there, things only got better.

Today, Mia is a happy and healthy little girl who is loved and taken care of by her father Pablo. Their story is truly inspiring and a tale that could give hope to the LGBTQ+ community.

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