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Men Who Dragged Helpless Shark Also Tortured Other Animals, Posted Them On Social Media

The men got a taste of their own medicine as they received backlash from people across the globe.


A recent viral video shows a group of men dragging a helpless shark tied from a speed boat. Now, more photos have revealed that the men have long been torturing animals and they even posted photos of them in social media.

The viral video, which lasted for 11 seconds, shows how the men laughed as they dragged the shark at a high speed until the animal was ripped into pieces.

Michael Wenzel’s account has been deleted but screenshots of his photos were uploaded by angry netizens.

The Florida Wildlife officials did not release the names of those involved in the horrific video but many angry netizens posted the names of those involved. They were talking about Michael Wenzel and Robert Lee ‘Bo’ Benac, who sent the video to Captain Mark “Mark The Shark” Quartiano on Instagram.

Photos of the men began circulating. In these photos, they can be seen mistreating wildlife. According to the Miami Herald, Michael Wenzel was previously investigated on when he posted disturbing photos that showed him holding a pelican. His photos also showed shooting a shark and pouring beer down a grouper’s throat.

A video shows Michael shooting a shark.

Michael’s Instagram account has been deleted but many people obtained screenshots and photos of his photos.

This is torture.

Many people are outraged by his actions. In fact, more than 2,000 people signed a petition to revoke the men’s fishing licenses.

Twitter has been flooeded with #MichaelWenzel posts.

Netizens are totally unhappy about what he did.

It can be remembered that a couple of years ago, an American dentist and hunter named Walter Palmer has likewise been in hot water after killing Cecil the Lion, Hwange National Park’s most famous lion. The incident happened in Zimbabwe and Palmer became the most hated man on the internet because of what he did.


Horrific Video Shows Shark Being Dragged By A Speed Boat Until It Was Ripped To Pieces

Who does this? Poor shark.

A horrific video has recently gone viral and it shows a speed boat dragging a shark in the waters of Florida. The video has since outraged many, contrary to what the people in the video has expected.

Florida's sport fishing community are not happy with the video which shows a shark, tied to the back of a speedboat and dragged at high speed. The video lasted for about 11 seconds and it shows the poor shark flailing around helplessly as it was repeatedly flown into the air and crashed into the surface of the water.

Distressing footage of the shark being dragged at high speed.

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Real Life Hyena Whisperer Feeds the Smelly Wild Scavengers from His Own Mouth

He even sleeps with a baby hyena in his bed!

You’ve heard of horse whisperers, and then there’s a famous celebrity dog whisperer, but elsewhere in the world, one place boasts of a hyena whisperer. Yes, there’s a guy who actually “talks” to these wild, carnivorous scavengers to keep them from being a danger to other humans.

Hyenas don’t exactly have the best reputations. They’re ugly, dirty, and they smell bad. They eat everything that doesn’t run away, and their sound raises the hair at the back of anyone’s head.

Not Abbas Yusuf, however. People call him the Hyena Man.

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Proven Health Risks Might Urge You To Quit Eating Cultured Tilapia Immediately

Love eating tilapia? You might think twice about that after reading this!

Tilapia is probably one of the most popular fish in the world as it is cheap to buy and real yummy to fry. It has been grown since Ancient times and since became a well-loved seafood. Tilapia was originally produced in Africa and later on raised in tropical climate countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.

Tilapias that are raised in the Philippines are consumed locally. Americans and Europeans, on the other hand, love eating such fish because they consider it as “white meat”. Some chefs from different parts of the world even prefer serving tilapia because its meat is undeniably tender.

While most of us think that eating tilapia is a good idea, new findings reveal the opposite! Not all edible fishes are healthy after all. Tilapia can actually be good for the health if raised and prepared right. Otherwise, it can become a health risk.

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