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Men Who Help With House Chores Are Healthier And Have Higher EQ, Says Expert





For the men who hate doing chores at home, listen up. Here’s one expert telling us that household work actually benefits men in more ways than they can imagine.

Apparently, reports are telling us that “men who put equal or more effort into doing household chores are more likely to have higher EQ and are happier than men who do not do or share the household chores fairly with their partner,” wrote the GoodTimes website in a recent feature.

Home chores benefit men in numerous ways.

Dr Huang Wei Li of Taiwan enumerated that men get three distinct benefits when they do their chores regularly – they have healthier body, higher emotional quotient, and live a healthy lifestyle.

These men willingly do their share of chores as they come home from work, ensuring that they have time to help out their partners. They not only understand the value of hard work but they are more in touch with their emotions as they contribute in decreasing the stress of their partners. This likewise leads to having stronger, happier relationships.

It can also be a great after-dinner exercise.

Dr. Huang Wei Li explained:

“Washing clothes, mopping floors, doing the dishes, these are all forms of exercises and they are great to be done especially after dinner.

“Don’t just sit on the sofa and watch television. After sitting in your office for a long time, it is best to move around by doing the household chores which will reduce your risk of getting cardiovascular disease.”

Back in the days, noblemen enjoyed activities such as dancing or playing billiards after having their meals.

“As now people have less time to do this kind of activities, household chores are some of the best alternatives to keep you active at home,” the doctor suggested.

So yes, by all means, pick up that vacuum cleaner and do those dishes, guys!

As for the ladies, just make sure your partner gets to read this.

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