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Single Men, Take Note: Australia Currently Has “Man Drought”

That’s it, I’m flying to Australia!

Mark Andrew





Single men, here’s a tip for you: You might want to try your luck looking for love in the land Down Under!

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the country is currently experiencing a shortage of men as they have higher numbers of females than males in certain areas.

That’s it, I’m flying to Australia!

According to Bernard Salt, an expert in demographics, said that there are several reasons for this trend – one of which is work opportunities.

“Different occupations tend to have men cluster in different areas,” explained Salt in a Daily Mail feature. As a result, more male workers can be found in communities where farming and mining are the main industries. The same thing can be said about locations where there are military bases.

And the same thing can be said about the females as they”tend to congregate” in cities where there are more schools and hospitals since that’s where their education and training are often most useful.

Case in point, Auburn, Sydney has a ratio of 141 men for every 100 women. On the other hand, Woollahra only has 82 males for every 100 females while Castle Hill has 85 males for every 100 females.

Meanwhile, Melbourne’s Carlton and South Yarra both have around 88 men for every 100 women. Albany, Perth and Launceston, Tasmania both have 87 males for every 100 females.

For these reasons, Salt is encouraging women from these areas not to stay in one place if they want to find men.

“If you live in the inner-city, perhaps go to a farming community for a holiday – a farmer wants a wife is well positioned,” the demographer said.

Another idea, as mentioned earlier, is to go where army and naval bases are such as in Howard Springs and Larrakeyah where the ratios are respectively 306 men is to 100 women and 124 males is to 100 females.

Watch this video below to learn more:

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So yes, men have higher chances of finding love if they go to the inner-cities. Women, on the other hand, should try the suburbs.

Best of luck to you!

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