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Marvel And DC Stars Morphed Together Result In Truly Stunning Faces

Can you tell which Marvel or DC stars have been morphed into one?

Nobelle Borines





There is little doubt that the stars of comic book movies are a good-looking bunch. However, things get truly interesting when their faces are morphed with each other. One clever artist decided to try morphing the faces of Marvel and DC stars with each other and the results are truly stunning.

A 25-year-old French student has been managing the Instagram account known as Morphy where two celebrities are morphed into one face. The account has come up with some truly amazing creations and has even been followed by celebrities like Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner and supermodel Gigi Hadid. Here are some of the best morphs showing Marvel and DC stars.

#1. Jason Momoa + Chris Hemsworth

The Aquaman star already looks amazing but combining his looks with the Avengers: Infinity War actor has an awesome effect.

#2. Chris Hemsworth + Jason Momoa

If you prefer the face with Thor’s hair.

#3. Chris Hemsworth + Chris Evans

If Thor and Captain America had a love child.

#4. Margot Robbie + Elizabeth Olsen

The real Harley Quinn and Scarlet Witch should totally work together.

#5. Amy Adams + Emma Stone

Adams played Lois Lane in Man of Steel and Justice League. Stone took on the role of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man.

#6. Gal Gadot + Brie Larson

Probably the most powerful morph in the list.

#7. Gal Gadot + Emma Watson

There have been reports that the Harry Potter star is in talks to appear in Marvel’s Black Widow movie starring Scarlett Johansson. Speaking of which…

#8. Scarlett Johansson + Amber Heard

Johansson has played Natasha Romanoff in eight movies including Avengers: Endgame. Heard is set to return as Mera in Aquaman 2.

#9. Tom Holland + Tom Hiddleston

The two Toms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe combined! What could possibly top this?

#10. Tom Hardy + Tom Holland + Tom Hiddleston

How about three Toms? Hardy is already expected to return as Eddie Brock in Venom 2.

#11. James McAvoy + Tom Hardy

When Professor X morphs with Venom, it’s a pleasant sight.

#12. Chris Pratt + Michael Fassbender

Star-Lord and Magneto make quite a stunning team!

#13. Paul Rudd + Ryan Reynolds

This is actually quite amazing!

#14. Blake Lively + Ryan Reynolds

In case you forgot, these two met on the set of Green Lantern.

You can see more of these stunning morphs by following the account on Instagram @morphy_me.

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