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Virgin Guy Who Lost His Manhood at the Age of Six Gets an 8-Inch Bionic Replacement

“Some girls might want to try it out.”

Mini Malabanan





A 43-year-old virgin from Edinburgh, Scotland has been fitted an 8-inch manhood grafted from his arm which inflates when he presses a button connected to his testicles.

When Mohammed Abad was only 6 years old, he was pushed into the road and fell under a moving vehicle. Unfortunately, his body was dragged for 600 yards, causing serious injuries to his thighs and genitals. His manhood, as well as his left testicle, were completely destroyed as a result of the accident. Although he couldn’t see or feel anything, Mohammed thinks that part of his right testicle was saved.

Meet Mohammed Abad, a 43-year-old virgin who lost his manhood at the age of 6.


Photo credit: The Sun UK

The security guard had already undergone 100 operations to reconstruct his manhood. But lately, he underwent a groundbreaking surgery that enabled him to achieve an erection.

He can now achieve an erection thanks to a groundbreaking surgery.


Photo credit: The Sun UK

Surgeons at the University College of London fitted him with an 8-inch bionic replacement. The one-of-a-kind sexual device allows him to gain an erection by filling up two tubes with liquid from his stomach.

“When you want a bit of action you press the “on” button.When you are finished you press another button. It takes seconds.”


Photo credit: The Sun UK

The surgeons began crafting his new member three years ago, using a skin graft from his arm to line his shaft. The skin and fat taken from his forearm was then used to create a new member which was attached during an 11-hour surgery.

They used the skin and fat taken from his forearm to create a new penis.


Photo credit: The Sun UK

Now that he is fully equipped, Mohammed is currently searching for a new love and planning to start his own family.

“Doctors have told me to keep practising,” Mohammed added.

Watch the video below.

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Source: WereBlog, The Daily Mail UK

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Diver Discovers Amazing Underwater River In Mexico

This is truly an amazing discovery.

Ann Moises



You would probably look twice at these pictures taken by Anatoly Beloshchin, but these are not photoshopped.

Anatoly Beloshchin is a Russian photographer who is known for his adventurous spirit and mind-blowing photographs. He bravely swam with sharks and whales, and had trekked through Antarctica just to capture captivating images. However, his latest discovery equals, if not surpasses, those feats.

This talented artist discovered an astonishing underwater river when he dove into the 200 ft. Angelita cenote in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Cenotes are sinkholes that formed after cave walls have collapsed.

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Science Claims Living Near Trees Will Make You Feel Like Getting A $10,000 Salary

According to this new research, living in a tree-filled area will make you feel richer and younger.

Mark Andrew



There’s something about seeing lots of trees that just relaxes the mind.

When spending a vacation, for example, many of us tend to pick spots that are close to nature. Besides, we all want some fresh air and nothing assures that better than a bunch of trees. Taking a stroll on these green surroundings can help a lot in reducing stress. In fact, you may even have to walk sometimes just to feel the benefits. Just staring at nature somehow brings positive effects.

Well, if this new research is to be believed, it seems living near tree-filled areas is much more worth it than simply seeing trees occasionally – or not being close to any at all.

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Not Your Ordinary Book: This Drinkable Book Filters Water and Saves Lives

This amazing technology can help save millions of lives – one page at a time

Ann Nuñez



Water is one of the most important resources we need for our survival. A person can survive for at least three weeks without food, but can only last for a week without water - and that estimate even depends on the environment; It can be shorter than a week in harsh environments.

Although 70% of the earth is covered by water, we still face a water crisis, since an overwhelming proportion of the earth's water is saline - hence not potable. Only 2.5% of the earth's water is fresh, with a minute 1% of it accessible to us. Millions of people across the globe suffer from having no access to safe drinking water, which in turn increases the morbidity and mortality due to water-borne diseases. Majority of these water-related problems can be traced back to lack of access and pollution of water sources and in order to address these issues, waste water treatment plants and water lines need to be constructed, which may not be feasible in many poverty-stricken and geographically isolated areas where these are needed most.

This is precisely why this innovative technology created by Dr. Theresa Dankovich is a lifesaver. Dr. Dankovich, a postgraduate researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, invented the Drinkable Book. This is no ordinary book, mind you - the book contains information about water safety and at the same time can be used as a filter for water purification. Each page of The Drinkable Book contains antibacterial silver nanoparticle paper filters, which can filter 99.9% of biological contaminants out of dirty water.

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