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Virgin Guy Who Lost His Manhood at the Age of Six Gets an 8-Inch Bionic Replacement





A 43-year-old virgin from Edinburgh, Scotland has been fitted an 8-inch manhood grafted from his arm which inflates when he presses a button connected to his testicles.

When Mohammed Abad was only 6 years old, he was pushed into the road and fell under a moving vehicle. Unfortunately, his body was dragged for 600 yards, causing serious injuries to his thighs and genitals. His manhood, as well as his left testicle, were completely destroyed as a result of the accident. Although he couldn’t see or feel anything, Mohammed thinks that part of his right testicle was saved.

Meet Mohammed Abad, a 43-year-old virgin who lost his manhood at the age of 6.


Photo credit: The Sun UK

The security guard had already undergone 100 operations to reconstruct his manhood. But lately, he underwent a groundbreaking surgery that enabled him to achieve an erection.

He can now achieve an erection thanks to a groundbreaking surgery.


Photo credit: The Sun UK

Surgeons at the University College of London fitted him with an 8-inch bionic replacement. The one-of-a-kind sexual device allows him to gain an erection by filling up two tubes with liquid from his stomach.

“When you want a bit of action you press the “on” button.When you are finished you press another button. It takes seconds.”


Photo credit: The Sun UK

The surgeons began crafting his new member three years ago, using a skin graft from his arm to line his shaft. The skin and fat taken from his forearm was then used to create a new member which was attached during an 11-hour surgery.

They used the skin and fat taken from his forearm to create a new penis.


Photo credit: The Sun UK

Now that he is fully equipped, Mohammed is currently searching for a new love and planning to start his own family.

“Doctors have told me to keep practising,” Mohammed added.

Watch the video below.

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Source: WereBlog, The Daily Mail UK

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