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Chinese Nurse Gives Foreign Student A Strange Note, Internet Decodes Message

The internet is filled with witty and helpful people!

Nobelle Borines





Traveling to new countries can be exciting although most of us can get lost in translation. The language barrier can easily be tackled through a translator. Interestingly, one Chinese nurse found a unique way to communicate with an international student. Although the nurse didn’t speak any English, they decided to give the hospitalized student a note to explain an upcoming procedure. Needless to say, the internet decided to decode the message.

The image was posted on Reddit with a simple description. “An international student hospitalized in China and the nurse who couldn’t speak English informed him about his surgery with this note,” it reads. Nevertheless, the Chinese nurse did everything they could to make sure the patient knew about the procedure.

What could this possibly mean?

Source: Reddit

It’s pretty straightforward if you’ve ever had surgery. The note informs the student to avoid eating and drinking after 10 P.M. since the procedure is scheduled at 8 A.M. However, that didn’t stop several netizens from trying to translate the code.

We all know someone who deserves this.

So no Last Supper, then?

Well, at least it’s for a good cause, right?

Strawberry jam cake sounds yummy.

Is that really a good reason to go on a diet?

Oh no!

That’s certainly persuasive.

Why are they out of food and water, though?

Somebody feed that nurse.

Oh, so it’s an invitation?

Well, that’s completely random, isn’t it?


OK, well, that’s reason enough not to try anything, then.

You’re not the only one.

All these awesome answers certainly confirm that the internet is filled with witty and helpful people. Nevertheless, the Chinese nurse gets plus points for creativity and trying to fix the language barrier. We definitely need more nurses like this.

What did you think of these hilarious translations? Do you have your own interpretation of the message? Let us know in the comments below.

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