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Man Spends All His Savings Believing He Won The Lottery, Finds Out He Missed One Number

What started as someone’s extremely lucky day, ended up with the person almost losing his life.

Let’s face it: money is really important whether we’d like to admit it or not. We work hard so we could save and have a better future. But sometimes we just want to feel how it feels like to spend and buy things that we want without having to worry about our bank account.

Well, one man did just that! A man in southern China thought that he had won the lottery prize of 5 million yuan (US$788,000) and celebrated his big win by spending his entire life savings. He had no worries spending all the cash since he believed that he would be receiving more when he finally claims his winnings.

What started as someone’s extremely lucky day, ended up with the person almost losing his life.

A Chinese man, who is a frequent lottery player, spent a lot of time researching how to win the lottery in the hopes of hitting the jackpot. He “calculated” a winning lottery number, bought a ticket, then placed it in a drawer.

When he checked the winning numbers a week later, he made a terrible mistake of not taking note and relied on his memory instead. Unfortunately, the man misremembered his own numbers by one digit and thought he had won the jackpot of 5 million yuan.

To celebrate his win, the man withdrew his entire savings amounting to 5,000 yuan ($720) to treat his family and friends. When the money was not enough, he decided to overdraft his credit card with 3,000 yuan ($430), thinking that it will easily be paid off anyway since he won a huge amount.

By morning, he checked his ticket and compared it with the winning combination, that’s when he realized that one digit was different!

The embarrassment and disappointment were too much for him to handle that he called his girlfriend and told her he was going to commit suicide. The girlfriend immediately alerted the police, who rushed to his home and persuaded him not to harm himself.


Man Cancels World’s First Head Transplant Surgery After Falling In Love

Love sure is unpredictable.

Ah, love. They say it moves in mysterious ways and it can also make people do some crazy things.

But one man’s journey in love had caused him to make a tough decision. You see, Valery Spiridonov was ready to undergo an experimental surgery where an Italian doctor named Sergio Canavero will sever his neck attach his heat to a new, healthy body. But he has now changed his mind after falling in love.

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Mom Sells Photos And Videos Of Her Feet Online To Pay For Christmas Presents

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Buying Christmas gifts is not an easy task. Not only are you searching for the perfect one for your family and friends but sometimes, presents are simply not budget-friendly.

As magical as Christmas can be, there’s no doubt that it can also be a stressful time – with presents, food, and gatherings all needing to be paid for, money can be really tight. However, one mom found a way to make her Christmas shopping a lot easier.

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Man In Lamborghini Makes Money Rain In Hong Kong

Hope it’s not cats and dogs next.

Every time we face money problems, we sometimes wish that cash would just fall from the sky so everything will be okay. Well, one man made it happen in Hong Kong.

A man riding a flashy Lamborghini has made waves on social media for making money “fall from the sky.” A lot of people who were lucky enough to be on that particular spot have enjoyed picking up as much cash as they could.

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