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Woman Still Doesn’t Want To Get Back With Ex-Husband Who Won $273 Million In Lottery





There are a lot of sayings about money like it can’t buy happiness and love, it’s the root of all evil, and a lot more. But for one woman, money is simply not enough to win her back — not even as much as $273 million.

The New Jersey Lottery announced Mike Weirsky of Alpha as the winner of the $273 million Mega Millions jackpot. But his ex-wife Eileen Murray says that his new bank account balance won’t be enough for her to go back to him.

Eileen said:

“He’s not appealing to me all of a sudden because he has this money … I’m not going after anything. I have morals. I know what I’ve worked for and it’s everything that I have.”

Despite saying that she has no interest whatsoever with her ex-husband’s winnings, she noted that she’s hoping for him to do the right thing.

According to Eileen, Mike had been unemployed on-and-off for several years towards the end of their union, leaving the bulk of the breadwinning down to her.

Mike narrowly avoided a Mega-disaster after he accidentally left his winning ticket behind at a Quick Check gas station in Phillipsburg. Thankfully for the 54-year-old, a good Samaritan found the ticket and turned it into workers at the store.

Two days later, Mike came to collect the $2 ticket, unaware that just 48 hours later it would make him a multi-millionaire.

Eileen went on to shut down claims she’d called Mike, adding:

“He’ll think I’m there with my hand out and I have no intention to do that. I truly wish him well… Though I know he doesn’t believe that.”

But it seems that Mike is more interested in looking for that person who handed his ticket in than patching things up with Eileen.

He said:

“I’m looking for the guy that handed them in; I want to thank him. I’m going to give him something, but I’m going to keep that private.”

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