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Lottery Winner Claims $95 Million Wearing Darth Vader Costume To Hide Identity




  • A Jamaican man won $95 million in the lottery.
  • To hide his identity, he wore a Darth Vader helmet and costume.
  • He plans to use the prize money to “buy a bus” and help his family.

What would you do if you win the lottery? We’ve often heard that question from our friends but one guy really had to answer that for himself. Before deciding how to spend the prize money, he, however, came up with the most interesting way of claiming it while concealing his identity at the same time.

According to reports, a man named W. Brown hit the jackpot in Jamaica after winning $95 million in the lottery. He didn’t tell anyone about it and so it’s not a surprise that he later came to collect the money in disguise. And his choice of outfit is, well, just plain out of this world – like one from a galaxy far, far away!

“You don’t know the power of the dark side!”

As you can see on the photo, lottery winner W. Brown wore a Darth Vader costume as he claimed his $95 million prize.

In an interview with The Jamaica Gleaner, Brown shared:

“I want to decide what is the best thing to do before spending anything. I need to decide what my goals are, but I know I want to own a bus.”

Brown said he purchased the winning ticket at May Pen, Jamaica’s Di Endz Sports Bar and the numbers are almost identical to the ones he has been getting for years now.

He also shared he came from “a poor family” and there were times he skipped school because his parents couldn’t afford it. Now it’s his finally turn to help his family out!

Gail Abrams, Vice President of Marketing, Communication, and Sponsorship for Supreme Ventures Limited awarded the check worth $95 million to the lucky man as he wore the iconic Star Wars villain’s helmet and cape.

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