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Man Shares His Epic Love Story And Captivates Thousands Of Hearts

True story. True love.


It’s not every day that you’d come to meet someone who wouldn’t give up on you when you’re at your lowest. When you’re struggling with your job, your finances, and everything else in between, and you feel like all your efforts are futile, you often find yourself doubting your own worth.

But when a person accepts you and promises to remain by your side when you don’t have anything else to offer other than yourself, what would you do?

Priscilla knew from the start that her relationship with Victor won’t be something that can be compared to a fairytale. He doesn’t have much; hence, he couldn’t give much. No lavish gifts, romantic weekends on a remote island, nor fancy dates in expensive restaurants. However, those things didn’t matter to her. She loved him and she gladly accepted the things Victor gave her with all her heart, no matter how small or simple it is.

In return, Victor gave her his best.

Victor Carrasco now shares their story on “The Way We Met,” and hundreds of thousands were moved to tears.

Read this:


“When I met Priscilla I had no money, no car (I actually rode my bike to and from work or took the bus), no stable income, and a future that looked bleak at best. I was working the front desk at the gym where she joined. When we started dating I literally told her, “I have nothing to offer you.” Yet all she asked for was my heart.

“On December 16, 2015, we decided to get married, just the two of us without anyone knowing. There was no engagement and no diamond ring. I had just enough money to pay for the marriage certificate and a $3 ring for her. All we cared about was being married and spending our life together as husband and wife. And even though her ring was only $3, she wore it proudly and showed it off to everyone as if it cost 3 million. She loved telling everyone she was Mrs. Carrasco.

“After a few months of marriage, a lot of hard work, and many prayers, I was finally able to buy her the diamond ring she deserved. And even though we’re already married, I got down on one knee and gave her the proper proposal she deserved as well.


Source: Alamy

“I’m not sharing this story to brag about money or because I can now afford nicer things. Instead, this post is meant to cherish and honor my wife for accepting me for who I am and what I had to offer at the time. The way she looked at me when I got down on one knee was the most rewarding moment of my life and now I can’t wait to see her in her perfect white dress. I promise to always support her unconditionally through the good times and the bad, as she has done for me. And to continue to work hard every day to prove her right for taking a chance on me.”

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15 Couple Photo Recreations That Show Real Love Can Be Forever

True love does exist after all!

Looking at these photo recreations below, I couldn’t help but shed a tear how these couples made their relationships work throughout the years. I mean, look at how many real-life couples end up in a bitter divorce in just a few years or even a few months of their marriage. That’s why seeing these examples of lasting unions isn’t only praiseworthy but extremely heartwarming.

Our hats are off to these lovers for proving to the world that, yes, true love actually exists and, yes, it can indeed last forever. Go scroll down and see these couples recreate their old photos:

#1. They met when they were 3 and they ended up marrying each other.

#1. They met when they were 3 and they ended up marrying each other.

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Kindhearted Strangers Fulfill Dying Boy’s Birthday Wish of Sitting In A Ferrari

I think I just shed a tear! 🙁

In March 2015, Toby Penrose has been diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). This rare degenerative disorder causes several deterioration such as loss of vision, seizures, deafness, decreased mobility, and gradual dementia.

For his 11th birthday, he told his parents he had just one wish – he wanted to sit in a Ferrari.

Naturally, his parents wanted to make that happen. They wanted to fill Toby’s remaining days with happy memories. Only problem is, they don’t know how to find such an expensive sports car.

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Drunk Guys Discover Life-Changing Message From A Washroom Mirror

The most effective DUI message I’ve seen so far.

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is never a good idea but the sad fact of the matter is that numerous motorists still violate this simple rule.

How bad is the problem, you ask? Well the official Center for Disease Control and Prevention website reports that every day, “28 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver” and this “amounts to one death every 53 minutes.”

The site further pointed out that in 2014 alone, for example, “9,967 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one-third (31%) of all traffic-related deaths” in the country.

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