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The World’s Coolest Hotel is Made of 10,000 Square Meters of Ice





When we say this hotel is the ‘coolest,’ we literally mean that because this one is carved out of ice.

Luvattumaa Hotel is made up of 10,000 square meters of ice.


Quietly tucked in a forest outside Levi, Northern Finland is winter wonderland in the form of a hotel made out of ice. Surprisingly, not many know about this hidden treasure.

Guests can book any of the 12 bedrooms available.

Source: CNN

Luvattumaa is an ice hotel in the Lapland’s that opens during the winter season. 800 truckloads of ice was used in order to build this warm and lovely hotel. The structure measures around 10,000 square meters of ice. It was partly an art gallery and part hotel before it was turned fully into a guest house.

The hotel took two months to build, which includes intricate and ice designs that adorn the walls of the building.

Source: CNN

Luvattumaa was open for business and visitors since December 12. According to Maija Palosaari of Destination Levi, “The most difficult part is to build the 10-meter high snow dome because of the shape.”

Sculptors make use of huge ice cubes from the Ounasjoki River that happens to be 50 to 100 meters from the hotel. The sculptors have to lift the ice cubes back to the hotel and, when winter is gone, the ice carvings just turn back to water.

Due to the -5 temperature, sleeping bags are also a must!

Source: CNN

This winter, the hotel is expecting around 1500 to 2500 guests to grace their 12 bedrooms and around 40 to 60 weddings. The price for a standard room is pegged at $135 while the suite costs $376. Apart from the 12 bedrooms, Hotel Luvattmaa also has an Ice Bar, an Ice Chapel an underground sauna and a cozy teepee restaurant.

The hotel does weddings, too.

Source: CNN

Warmth is assured by the staff of the ice hotel so if you’re so curious, you gotta book a trip soon.

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