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A Newborn Puppy was Abandoned and Left To Die… Amazingly, A Cat Saved His Life!





Noland, a pit bull puppy, was abandoned and has the smallest chance of survival without a mother to nurse him and keep him warm. Fortunately, Noland was brought to Cleveland Animal Protective League.

They decided to introduce the puppy to a cat named Lurlene who had just given birth to three kittens. The group didn’t expect Lurlene to accept the puppy into her fold. But surprisingly, with so much delight, Lurlene treated Noland as one of her own.

This is really a great manifestation of cat’s exceptional love and care to other animals. The mother cat was very helpful for the survival of the puppy.

Check out this amazing story and see how motherly instincts prevail!

Watch the heartwarming video!

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Way to go Lurlene! Didn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? There’s nothing quite like a mother’s love!

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