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Mom Who Ate Her Placenta With Chilli And Beef Burrito Claims She Recovered From Birth Quicker




  • Ketrina Hill, 27, went viral online after revealing she ate her own placenta.
  • According to the mom of two, she added her placenta into a chilli and beef burrito.
  • She claims eating placenta has helped her recover quicker from child birth.

A mother from Cambridgeshire recently gained some attention online after revealing that she cooked chilli and beef burrito using her own placenta. She also shared that she added some cheese and sour cream before eating it.

According to 27-year-old Ketrina Hill, she has done this twice because she thinks it greatly benefits her health. In fact, she claims she experienced “quick recovery” after giving birth to her two children.

Back in January 17, 2016, Ketrina gave birth to baby Finnley and originally planned to consume her placenta in the form of encapsulation pills. Since the process was pricey, she instead came up with the idea of just cooking and eating it. She gave it a go and fast forward to April last year, baby Luna was born and she did exactly the same thing.

During her first time, Ketrina made a chilli and mixed her placenta with beef. More recently, she added her placenta in a burrito.

So how did it actually taste? Ketrina described:

“It was just like really rich irony beef. It was slightly tough in the chilli, which is why I slow cooked it the second time, you couldn’t even tell which was the beef and which was the placenta.”

Ketrina swears the practice has done wonders for her overall well-being as she recovered from child birth..

She said:

“I had a great recovery with my first, felt energized and was doing everything I was doing before birth very quickly and felt good in myself. I didn’t know whether I felt so good because I had eaten the placenta, so I made the decision to do it again after my second baby and had the same experience.”

And yes, she is now encouraging new mothers to give it a try as well.

“I would highly recommend it,” she said. “It was an amazing experience and I believe it led to a quick recovery.”

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