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Greek Dog Awaits Deceased Master At the Shrine of His Accidental Demise For A Year and a Half




  • Stories of loyal dogs never fail to captivate the hearts of readers.
  • Remember Japan’s Hachiko? Turns out Greece has its own version.
  • This small-town dog in Greece will teach us a lesson or two about loyalty and love.

A dog from a small town somewhere in Greece waits for his master patiently, every day, for a year and a half. This is quite common amongst canines, but his period of hoping would probably never come to an end because well, dead people don’t come back, do they?

The unnamed white dog, who keeps waiting at a roadside shrine in Nafpaktos, TK, is actually on a hopeless quest. Hari, the dog’s master, had died after an accidental collision with a cement mixer on November 9th, and since then the poor fellow has been waiting near this monument.


The community was surprised by Hari’s death, as his brother also died somewhere nearby, a few years earlier. They then built a roadside shrine at the spot of the incident, which is about seven-and-a-half miles from his home.

Hari’s dog has been staying at the shrine all day, willing his master to return home. Many residents from Nafpaktos tried giving the dog a new shelter and home, but the dog refused to heed the call and kept returning to the monument of his master’s death. The neighbors have since given up, but they still set up a small shelter and provided him with food, water and a blanket.

Since this relates with the real-life dog story of the loyal dog, Hachiko, in Japan, some started calling him the “Hachiko of Nefpaktia.”


In 1860, a Skye terrier named Greyfriars Bobby guarded his owner’s gravesite in Scotland for 14 years. Soon after Bobby’s death in 1872, a statue was unveiled at the corner of Edinburgh’s Candlemaker Row and on George IV Bridge.

During World War II, a factory worker brought home an injured dog which was found by the roadside. After nursing the dog back to health, he named the pup, Fido. Since then, Fido followed his owner around, even to the bus station every day. Unfortunately, Fido’s journey to the bus station never ceased, even after his master got killed during a bombing at the factory in Italy. Also, just last year, after a woman died on a street in Mongolia, her dog kept wandering in the area for months.

If these stories aren’t indication enough, consider the expression “as faithful as a dog!” and maybe, you’ll be convinced to actually adopt one as your own.

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