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Little Girl Lost in Siberian Woods for 11 Days, Saved by Her Puppy





Dogs are man’s best friend; they love and care as much as we do. They are like humans; we should take care and love them too. Dogs can be trusted and their instincts are strong.

A girl names Karina Chikitova, 3 years old got lost in the woods together with her puppy. The little girl and the dog were playing and walking in the woods but upon realizing they have walked far-off, she couldn’t find her way out of the woods.

She was missing and nowhere to be found for 11 days, her puppy helped Karina survive by staying with her the whole time. The unnamed puppy protected her from the wolves and bears in Siberian Woods.

Karina Chikitova, 3 Years Old Got Lost in Siberion Woods for 11 Days

Little Girl Lost in Siberian Woods 1

Advance Apparatus Were Used to Locate Her but She’s Nowhere to be Found

Little Girl Lost in Siberian Woods 2

The government helped find Karina by using radar, overhead surveillance and droves but failed to find her.

When the dog sensed that Karina was already having a hard time enduring the condition, the dog tried hard to find his way back to the village to ask for help.

The family and everybody looking for her were so worried but when the dog came back to their village without Karina, everybody became more fearful. They felt as if the chances of finding her alive are very low. As the dog was seen in the village, it ran back to the woods as if it was telling them to follow him. So they followed the dog, hoping to find the little girl even if it seemed impossible.

“When her dog came back we thought ‘that’s it’ – even if she was alive – and chances were slim – now she would have definitely have lost all hopes. Our hearts truly and deeply sank.”, said Afanasiy Nikolayev, spokesman for the Sakha Republic Rescue Service.

Thanks to Karina’s dog for showing her family, villagers and the operation soldiers where Karina is. They found this poor little girl very dirty and smelly hiding in the grass.

Soldiers, Family and Concerned Villagers Getting Ready to Look for Karina

Little Girl Lost in Siberian Woods 3

Luckily, Karina is Fine and Can Recover Very Soon According to Her Doctors.

Little Girl Lost in Siberian Woods 4

She has no injury or any fractured bones despite having a lot of mosquito bites all over her body, was malnourished and dehydrated.

At her very young age, she was able to recount about what happened to her and the puppy in the woods. According to her, she and the puppy drank river water and ate berries to stay alive and go on through the days.

Karina Found After 11 Days of Thorough Search

Little Girl Lost in Siberian Woods 5

Her puppy saved her from the freezing weather, dangerous animals in the wood, mischief and finally asking help from people to rescue her.

Karina's Hero Dog!

Little Girl Lost in Siberian Woods 6

The video below shows how they found Karina and how difficult the search was.

Watch Video Here:

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Indeed, Karina is very fortunate to survive that disastrous incident. She is blessed to have such a smart and loving dog!

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