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This Mysterious Giant Sphere In Bosnia May Hold Clues About A Lost Civilization





Don’t you love it when scientists discover amazing artifacts from the past? More than being interesting, such discoveries excite us because it may pave the way for new information that could potentially change our history forever.

Take this mysterious giant stone ball as an example. It was found by a Bosnian archaeologist named Dr. Sam Osmanagich in the Podunavlje Forest in March. The expert, who interestingly dresses like Indiana Jones every time, says he believes that the stone ball is the largest in the world. He also thinks that it may hold clues that can prove the existence of a lost civilization.

Details Of The ‘Largest Stone Ball In The World’

The ball has not been completely unearthed. In fact, only about half of the entire structure has been exposed. Nonetheless, Osmanagich estimates that its radius measures approximately 1.2 to 1.5 meters (3.9 feet to 4.9 feet).

Measuring the massive stone

Measuring the massive stone

If and when this large stone has completely been studied, it could possible solidify the theory that Southern Europe used to be a sanctuary of advanced civilizations, who during that ancient time, have already developed their own type of novel technology.

In the past, Osmanagich claimed that an area in central Bosnia and Herzegovina with hills  have pyramids and underground tunnels.

Critics’ Call

While the discovery sounds extremely interesting and potentially fruitful, not every one is highly excited. Mandy Edwards from the University of Manchester thinks that the stone was a product of a concretion generated from the precipitation of natural mineral cement found in between the sediment grain spaces.

Would you look at that giant mystery.

Would you at that giant mystery.

For the president of the European Association of Archaeologists named Anthony Harding, it does not take a genius to discern that it is impossible for a 12,000-year-old structure to be found beneath the hill.

“Anyone with basic knowledge of archaeology or history should recognize that,” he says.

Despite this, he acknowledges that there is interesting archaeology in the location, with some telling him that it is medieval and that it may have first existed way back the Bronze or Roman Age.

Cleaning the ancient giant

Cleaning the ancient giant

Here is a video:

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