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12 Crucial Archaeology Discoveries Of 2018 That Puzzled Historians





It’s no secret that the world is full of mysteries. Even though there are people who dedicated their time and effort in learning a lot about the history of this planet, there are still plenty of discoveries being unraveled until today.

In fact, there were amazing archeological discoveries in 2018 that could change what we think of history. Here are 12 crucial findings last year that have left historians puzzled.

1. A 2,400-year-old Greek merchant ship found in the Black Sea.

2. The last unexcavated area of Pompeii.

Researchers said:

“During the excavations in Regio V new walls and other treasures are emerging from lapilli. In one of the houses that were partially excavated in the late Nineteenth century – the house of Jupiter – now we can see brightly colored walls and some frescoes, including the first mythological scene found during these excavations: probably it is Adone Wounded in the arms of Aphrodite, surrounded by Cupids.”

3. 14,400-year-old charred remains of a flatbread.

4. Mummy of a priest in Saqqara, Egypt with gilded mask.

5. Skeletons with bacteria from The Great Plague.

6. The oldest footprint of a human.

7. 13,000-year-old tools from 20,000 and 16,000 years ago.

8. 73,000-year-old sketch.

9. The earliest representation of a human body part.

10. Oldest man-made alcohol from 13,000 years ago.

11. Mysterious red liquid from Sarcophagus bodies.

Shockingly, many signed a petition to drink the red sewage found with the skeletons.

12. A ramp possible made to build pyramids.

Yannis Gourdon, co-director of the joint mission at Hatnub, said:

“Using a sled, which carried a stone block and was attached with ropes to these wooden posts, ancient Egyptians were able to pull up the alabaster blocks out of the quarry on very steep slopes of 20 percent or more.”

These photos are proof that there are still things from our history that we don’t know about. Although there are thousands of researchers spending so much time to know more about our planet and ancestors, there are still so much more to be discovered.

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