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Korean Girl Spends Her Time Eating Food in Front of a Camera and Earns $9000 per Month

Who would have thought that recording yourself while eating can raise a monthly income of $ 9,000 or more.

Kris Evangelista





Nowadays with the internet reaching almost everyone and everywhere in the world, it has become a part of our daily lives to surf the web, watch, do research, play games or talk with friends and family online.

A lot of people earn money with the use of internet. There are those who put up websites that sells products and services, some create apps and games which catch the interest of many consumers, others do tutorials while some are devoted to vloging or creating short films.

There’s a long list on how to make money online but can you think of an extra ordinary way of earning money through the internet?

Watch how Seo Yeon attract thousands of subscribers online just by eating:

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One unbelievable and easiest way of earning money and maybe a dream come true for many is to get paid by eating. There is this Korean girl who just eats in front of a camera and earns $ 9,000 monthly out of it.

Aside from the huge pay, she gets to taste diverse food and it’s probably an awesome experience.

Seo Yeon has been filming her food adventures for about some time now, Koreans love to watch this kind of shows. If you think of it, it’s pretty simple; you just lay out several large servings of food and eat all of it in front of a camera while commenting about the food.

In the video, she cooked large prawns and ate it together with the big crabs and now she has over 100,000 followers in her YouTube channel. No one could have imagined that this kind of thing can have a high pay but yeah she nailed it. Some viewers can give her balloons online and those can be converted to cash since it is like a digital cash.

According to her, many of her fans eat alone so watching her makes them feel like they have a companion with them. Several of her viewers are on a diet, so her videos actually excites them in a way. While many of her subscribers, just love to see her eat diverse and delicious food.

Do you think its impossible? Well she did it.

Watch how Koreans connect to their audience by eating:

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This Korean Guy makes a lot of money by eating too! He has thousands of subscribers enjoying his shows.

With the use of modern technology, one can earn a lot while staying at home and it’s a bonus to do something pleasurable like eating and at the same time getting paid. Why don’t you try your luck and do something like this? Who knows you might be the next star in this show.

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