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30 Ridiculous Knock-Off Toys That Kids Will Surely Hate

These are hilarious!

Mark Andrew





With Christmas pretty much around the corner, most kids are probably looking forward to the big day with great anticipation. Besides, it’s always fun to receive gifts from loved ones.

When I was younger, I excitedly unwrapped my gifts hoping that I’d get a cool toy. There are times when I got a nice car or an awesome gun but there were also instances when I got a boring shirt. Or some socks.

Now that I’m older, it’s now my time to give and so I try to make my gifts cool and memorable as much as possible. I consider a child’s interests and then pick something that suits him or her.

This Christmas though, I sure wouldn’t buy any of the knock-off toys you’ll see below. They’re extremely terrible the kids will actually hate you if you give these toys to them.

Check them out here:

#1. RoboCop knock-off with a Terminator quote.

knockoff-toys 1

Photo credit: Imgur
#2. A distant relative of Furby maybe?

knockoff-toys 2

Photo credit: Imgur
#3. Here’s another Furby wannabe.

knockoff-toys 3

Photo credit: Imgur
#4. The “S” isn’t for Super? Who knew!

knockoff-toys 32

Photo credit: Imgur
#5. There’s something really wrong about this Sense of Right Alliance.

knockoff-toys 5

Photo credit: Imgur
#6. Jamaican Pokyman.

knockoff-toys 6

Photo credit: Imgur
#7. Moneyplay – An American Business Venture.

knockoff-toys 7

Photo credit: Imgur
#8. Pirate Popeye.

knockoff-toys 8

Photo credit: Imgur
#9. Undercover Batman.

knockoff-toys 9

Photo credit: Imgur
#10. Budget-deprived GhostBusters couldn’t afford proton guns this time.

knockoff-toys 10

Photo credit: Imgur

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