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Megachurch Sparks Outrage After Closing As Thousands Are Displaced By Hurricane Harvey

In a Facebook post, it is claimed that the church, a 16,800-seat indoor arena, was “inaccessible due to severe flooding.”


Southeast Texas has been badly hit by Hurricane Harvey. According to several reports, the storm and its flood have affected about 300,000 people, leaving them without power and around 30,000 displaced to temporary shelters.

As a response to the calamity, many churches, community centers, and schools in Houston have opened their doors to offer shelter to the victims. However, one church – the biggest in the area – remained closed to the public and it eventually sparked outrage from both residents and netizens from different places.

Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, remained close after the hurricane aftermath.

Source: Wikipedia
In a post on Facebook, it was said that the megachurch, a 16,800-seat indoor arena, was “inaccessible due to severe flooding.”

Source: Wikipedia

The post likewise included several resources for those affected by the storm such as addresses of various temporary shelters.

Osteen also posted prayers on social media for the disaster’s victims.

Source: Joel Osteen

Understandably, people are not happy with the church’s response to the tragedy.

In fact, many took it to Twitter to express their criticism against Osteen and Lakewood Church pointing out that Houston needs something more than prayers during these difficult times.

One angry netizen pointed out that the preacher’s action does not fit his title.

Another pointed out that the huge arena “would make a great shelter.”

“Jesus would open his church,” another Twitter user wrote.

“Open your church as a shelter… Please,” a woman begged the preacher.

Other churches have opened their doors but not Osteen’s.

In a Yahoo article, we learn that Osteen and his wife “live in a $10.5 million mansion in the upscale River Oaks neighborhood in central Houston.”

Source: AP

The report added that the neighborhood “was hit with intense flooding over the weekend, with rescue teams coming to evacuate residents and their dogs.” Meanwhile, the preacher “did not say whether his home was impacted.”


Canadian Commuters Defended Old Filipino Couple from Racist Ranter

Vancouver’s Sky Train passengers were shocked over the Canadian woman’s behavior after she yelled “Go back to the Philippines” to an elderly Filipino couple, who she thinks were talking loudly inside the train.

Vancouver's Sky Train passengers were shocked over a Canadian woman's behavior after she yelled "Go back to the Philippines" to an elderly Filipino couple, who she thought were talking loudly inside the train.

The unidentified Canadian woman was also surprised when another male passenger defended the old Filipino couple, calling her "racist."

The incident started when the Filipino couple, who were seated near the door of the train, were talking in Tagalog, the Philippines' native language. The Canadian woman apparently felt like they were conversing loudly inside the train wagon.

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Brazilian Government Removes Amazon Reserve Protection For Mining

“The biggest attack on the Amazon in the last 50 years.”

The stigma of mining has been here as far as humans can remember. While it can be a good source of income, the devastation it brings to nature can’t be denied. People have clamored their protest, but the industry still thrives. The government itself can’t totally eradicate the business.

Now, a huge forest reserve located in the very heart of Amazon has fallen victim to mining. Sad part here is the fact that it’s home to a great flora and fauna.

The reserve is also packed with various indigenous people.

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J&J To Pay $417 Million To Patient Who Claimed Johnson’s Baby Powder Causes Cancer

Are you using Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder?

Watch out baby powder users. The company Johnson & Johnson is again in hot water after a court trial wrapped in California. The jury has ordered the company to pay $417 million to a woman who claimed she developed ovarian cancer after using Johnson's Baby Powder for feminine hygiene.

Eva Echeverria, 63 years old, has won the largest lawsuit yet against one of the biggest companies that produce talc-based powders. She claimed the talcum content of the product she used since she was 11 years old was linked to her developing one of the most aggressive types of cancer in women.

Eva Echeverria, 63, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007.

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