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Unique Japanese Ice Cream Just ‘Doesn’t Melt’

Is there anything the Japanese can’t do?


Japan’s too cool for conventional ice cream. Even in hot and humid weather, the Japanese can count on their cold treats to stay solid. Yes, the Japanese has again invented something – this time, it’s ice cream that does not melt.

It was an accidental discovery at the Kanazawa-based Biotherapy Development Research Center that paved the way for the creation of popsicles that keep their shape for a prolonged period of time even when in room (or warmer) temperature. These sweet treats are now available in some parts of Japan.

Kanazawa Ice, also known as ‘not melting popsicles,’ first hit the stores in Kanazawa before it launched in Osaka and Tokyo.

The popsicles keep their shape thanks to one ingredient: polyphenol liquid extracted from strawberries. Tomihisa Ota, the popsicle’s developer, told Quartz:

“Polyphenol liquid has properties to make it difficult for water and oil to separate so that a popsicle containing it will be able to retain the original shape of the cream for a longer time than usual and be hard to melt.”

The surprising discovery came when the company tapped a pastry chef to use strawberry polyphenol to create a new kind of confectionary.

It was an attempt to use strawberries from Miyagi Prefecture that were not in good enough condition to be sold. The pastry chef reportedly complained that the cream solidified whenever it came in contract with polyphenol.

People who have tried the new creation were pleased to see the ice cream retain its shape even in hot and humid weather.

It’s still unclear how long the ice cream can last out in the heat, but Biotherapy Development Research Center President Takeshi Toyoda said:

“[It can remain] almost the same even if exposed to the hot air from a dryer.”


How To Tell If a Designer Handbag is Real or Fake

It’s hard to tell the real from the fake nowadays!

A lot of ladies would love the chance to own the latest designer handbags, but not everyone can actually shell out thousands of dollars to acquire them. Designer handbags are not just bags, thank you very much – they are also status symbols, meant to display the wealth of their owners. So how about those ladies who want to be seen carrying the hottest bag of the season but couldn’t possibly afford to pay for it? This is a gap easily solved by knock-offs.

The market for knock-offs has grown unbelievably as counterfeiters become more skillful and savvy. Today’s fake handbags – ranging Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel and a whole lot more – looks so much like the real ones that it’s so darn hard to distinguish which ones are fake.

Counterfeiters were able to copy not just the design and the material, but also the little details – serial tags and authenticity cards.

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Stage Mom Spends Thousands On Makeup And Skimpy Outfits For 7-Year-Old Daughter

Now she’s getting criticized by netizens for “sexualizing” her daughter.

A single mother is now being criticized after admitting that she spent thousands on makeup, fake tan, and skimpy outfits for her daughter. The stage mom claims that she wants to help her child fulfill her dream of being famous. However, many find her actions inappropriate, adding that she has been “sexualizing” her young daughter.

Jenna Eastland, 31, of Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, is a proud mother to seven-year-old Layla Thompson, a.k.a. Layla Belle. Apparently, Jenna strongly believes that Layla is destined to be a celebrity and is keen on doing everything to kick off her career in showbiz.

The proud mom revealed:

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A Couple With Low IQ Scores Lose Custody Of Children

Is it fair?

What does it take to become a parent - sense of responsibility, love, compassion and the capability to provide? A couple has lost custody just because they were not intelligent enough to take care of their children.

Eric Ziegler, 38 years old and Amy Fabbrini, 31 years old, just lost the custody of their two children because of inadequate IQ scores. The government thinks that they are not capable to take care of their kids safely and properly.

Amy and Eric lost custody of their two boys.

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