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Robot With UV Light Can Disinfect Entire Airplane In 13 Minutes




  • Swiss tech start-up UVeya has created a robot capable of disinfecting an entire aircraft in just 13 minutes.
  • The said technology emits ultraviolet light and thus eliminates 99% of bacteria and pathogens.
  • Those in the airline industry believe that this invention can help “restore confidence in air travel” as tourism aims to bounce back amid the pandemic.

Swiss start-up UVeya has invented an amazing robot that’s can speed up the process of disinfecting an entire airplane. In fact, this groundbreaking invention utilizes ultraviolet light and promises to do the job in merely 13 minutes – a welcome improvement at a time when disinfection has become a basic requirement to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Apparently, the autonomous robot kills up to 99% of bacteria and pathogens by emitting concentrated UV-C light . The machine can clean a single-aisle aircraft in 13 minutes, although bigger ones will require more time.

A virus-killing machine

Uveya co-founder Jodoc Elmiger shared about the robot’s disinfection process, saying:

“We switch it on, we leave, the machine makes the disinfection all around the plane, and then it stops automatically so the workers are not in contact with the machine.”

The tech company is currently conducting trials with air service provider Dnata in Helvetic Airways’ Embaer jets.

Cabin cleaning can now be done fast, easy, and effective

“This is a proven technology, it’s been used for over 50 years in hospitals and laboratories, it’s very efficient,” Elmiger likewise pointed out. “It doesn’t leave any trace or residue.”

So far, UVeya has built three prototype robots. The current version is estimated to cost around 15,000 Swiss francs (or US$15,930). Dnata hopes more airplane companies will take advantage of the new technology to increase passenger safet during flights.

Mehdi Guenin, Media Relations Spokesperson of Helvetic Airways, also believes that this robot will help “restore confidence in air travel” amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Watch the video here to learn more:
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