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Is It Right or Wrong for Parents to Pay Kids for Doing Chores?





Parents always want what’s best for their kids. That includes teaching them some life skills and instilling the right values. Parents also don’t want their kids to be lazy. They want them to be independent.

Indeed, moms and dads do a number of things to encourage their children’s independence. It so happens that one of the best ways to do this is to give kids certain responsibilities. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is to give them chores.

Should they be paid for dealing with their own mess?

However, very few kids (if any) look forward to doing chores. In order to motivate them, some parents have decided to pay them regularly for it. Now, is this a good thing or a bad idea? So far, there has been no definite answer. It’s still one of the most spirited debates in the realm of parenting.

On one side, there are those who think that paying kids to do chores. One parent on wrote:

“It teaches them that they shouldn’t give up on a job no matter how difficult it is because they earn from it.”

It doesn’t seem right to pay kids for pet care.

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Another parent added, “It makes kids more responsible because they know that they get rewarded if they do the chores right.”

Finally, one non-parent insisted, “Parents get paid for doing things at the workplaces, so it is only fair for kids to get paid for the work that they do.”

However, there may be not-so-ideal consequences when you pay kids to do chores. One parents who is against the practice warned: “There may come a point when they won’t do chores anymore unless you show them the money. They may end up being amateur extortionists with their parents as their victims.”

Payment recommended: Yard work is beyond everyday chores.

Meanwhile, another exasperated parent pointed out, “Why should kids get paid for doing chores when we parents provide everything for them? Aside from their basic needs, we also give them toys and other presents.”

For her part, a nanny shared, “I don’t think kids have to be paid to do chores. They have to do their share of household chores. It’s their contribution to ensuring that everything is in order at home.”

Meanwhile, personal finance expert Lauren Greutman came up with a suggestion that could make both sides happy. She advises that regular chores such as washing dishes, taking out the trash, and picking up toys should not be paid. However, if there are “heavier” tasks such as mowing the lawn or de-cluttering the garage, then kids should be paid.

So, which side are you on?

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