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Russian Photographer Captures Photos of Elderly Couple Whose Love Stood The Test of Time





With all the tragic stories we get about cheating spouses and bitter divorces these days, it’s always refreshing to know about couples who have endured the test of time. Sure, lasting relationships can be very rare these days and so we believe that each one deserves being praised and celebrated.

Recently, a set of photos by Irina Nedyalkova went viral on social media after she shared the images on her Facebook page. Apparently, the Russian photographer had a photoshoot with an elderly couple and, much to her surprise, the photos attracted a lot of attention from netizens after she posted them online.

What makes the pictures special, you ask? Well, it’s probably the well-executed concepts enhanced by proper lighting and beautiful composition. Of course, it’s also the sincere poses and the pure love that’s clearly evident in the eyes of the lovely senior couple.

No wonder, Nedyalkova’s images received a lot of positive reaction from netizens everywhere! In fact, popular sites such as BoredPanda have eventually caught on and featured her work.

Check out the heartwarming photos here:












This couple really makes each of us believe that, yes, true love exists – and it can be forever. Romance is definitely something that’s not exclusive for the young because, as the photos show us, a relationship only gets even sweeter and stronger as a couple ages together.

In case you want to check out more of Irina Nedyalkova’s photography, you can follow her on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

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