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Inventor Demonstrates His Very Own Prototype Of Bicycle Car Called PodRide.

This futuristic bicycle car just might be one of the coolest rides ever!


Sometimes, it’s not a question about what we can or cannot do but what can fit into our minds–endless possibilities and ideas. Much like the brilliant imagination of this man whose invention is now propelling its way to introduce a new, refreshing and fun ride.

Mikael Kjellman, a Swedish design engineer and inventor of PodRide took his inspiration from both a bicycle and car combined or a “bike car”. This futuristic velomobile may not be as big as the typical vehicles that we have today but some of its features are car-like. The same four wheeled ride, sitting position, seat height and size that resembles small cars.

PodRide also has a 250-watt crankshaft-mounted motor to increase a rider’s pedalling power and an electronically-limited top speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph). Other remarkable features include waterproof fabric body, a full LED lighting system, 14-speed hub transmission and back cargo compartment.

Here’s an interesting PodRide demo.

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According to Kjellman, his invention is also environment-friendly, cost-effective and practical. In fact, it has been classified as an “e-bike” in Sweden and requires no special licenses to use. How convenient!

Being a bicycle enthusiast himself, Kjellman wants to promote cycling or bike cars as better means of transport. Another goal is also to mass produce this prototype, however, his resources are only limited so he crated a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds and make his very own “assemble-it-yourself-kit” happen.

With the right vision and Kjellman’s ingenuity, it won’t be surprising to see this project a success.


How One of World’s Largest Lakes Turned Into A Vast Man-Made Desert

This shows how man’s actions can greatly affect the environment.

This vast desert with old ships and fishing boats seem like a set from a movie, but it’s actually real. Interestingly, the Aral Sea in Central Asia was once a huge lake – the fourth largest in the world - that has shrunken in size, leaving the place barren and dry.

The then-26,000-square mile area served as a border between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. But starting in the 1960s, the place dried up when rivers that supply its waters were diverted elsewhere.

Old ships and abandoned fishing boats rest on the desert plains...


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Forget Those Two-Wheeled Fakers, This is The Real “Hoverboard”!

No wheels. Just impeccable ability to let you fly. The future is here!

Is it your secret wish to fly? If so, then you would totally love this new "hoverboard" in the air type of invention called Flyboard Air.

Flyboard Air resembles that of a jetpack that you can stand on while it flies up in the air, leaving you marveling at the beauty of nature and breeze of the wind.

The amazing device was invented by French jet ski wonder Franky Zapata, who also invented the Flyboard, which is works by attaching it to a boat and allows one to feel the thrill while above the sea surface.

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Wounded Soldier to Become First American to Undergo Genital Replacement Surgery

He lost his schlong, but not for long…

One unfortunate soldier who was wounded in Afghanistan in a very delicate part of his anatomy may very well turn his luck around when he becomes the first American to undergo an experimental transplant surgery...involving his reproductive organ.

The organ transplant, which will take place at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, will be a 12-hour procedure and the first of its kind in the U.S.

The question is, will the soldier's replacement manhood actually work after the procedure?

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