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Genius Dad Designs Safety Pod to Protect Baby from Coronavirus

This device looks both secure and futuristic.

  • Cao Junjie, a father from Shanghai, China has invented a portable pod that helps him take his baby outdoors without risking him of getting infected with the coronavirus.
  • The said pod has received a lot of positive reactions from netizens and according to the inventor, he’s already speaking with a company to mass produce the device.

Amid the rapid spread of coronavirus across the world, we’re seeing a lot of brilliant people using their smarts to cure the disease – or at least to find ways to live with it while avoiding possible infection.

A father from China recently gained a lot of attention on social media after showing off his unique invention – a safety pod that protects his baby from contracting the deadly disease whenever they head outdoors.

This sleeping pod looks both secure and futuristic.

Cao Junjie, who is also known as Bai Ying, created a pod that allows his child to sleep while being protected from the virus. The said device comes equipped with a purifier that supplies the child with filtered air and a glove that allows him to comfort the baby without touching him.

In a media interview, the 30-year-old father from Shanghai shared he came up with the idea because babies “have a weaker respiratory system” and thus couldn’t wear face masks like adults do.

And now his tech has been receiving a lot of praise from netizens, with some even expressing interest to buy from him. As of the moment, he is already talking with a company to produce more of these portable anti-coronavirus baby pods.

Cao also confessed that he took inspiration from the ‘Death Stranding’ video game.

With all the positive feedback, the inventor dad says his greatest desire isn’t fame but for his design and products “to help more people.”

Watch this video feature to learn more:

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First Volunteer Gets Injected with First COVID-19 Vaccine in Seattle

“I hope that we get to a working vaccine quickly and that we can save lives and people can go back to life as soon as possible,” the volunteer said.

  • Scientists in the United States have started testing a potential vaccine for coronavirus.
  • The first volunteer is Jennifer Haller of Seattle.
  • Biotech company Moderna Therapeutic is already working with the Food and Drugs Association and other institutions in preparing for its phase 2 trial, which would involved a large numbers of volunteers.

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WHO, French Health Minister Warn Against Taking Ibuprofen for COVID-19 Symptoms

“We recommend using paracetamol, and not ibuprofen,” said a WHO representative.

  • French health minister Olivier Veran and World Health Organization spokesperson Christian Lindmeier have warned the public about the possible negative effects of ibuprofen for individuals with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • While there still isn't a scientific study to back the claim, Lindmeier said using paracetamol may be better for now.

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How Singapore Prepared for the COVID-19 and Other Countries Should Take Notes

Europe and the U.S. should learn from this…

  • The city state learned well from their experiences during the SARS and H1N1 outbreaks.
  • They implemented stricter travel regulations and worked on finding the social contacts of the patients.
  • Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea also prepared well for the COVID-19.

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