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Husband Throws A Spectacular 10th Wedding Anniversary Surprise





With the celebration of Valentine’s Day, couples are engrossed about planning surprises for their special someone. Young lovers are typically the ones who usually put in a lot of effort and money for those things so if you’re the wife and your husband still surprises you not only during special occasions but everyday, then you must be very lucky.

Lucky is an understatement to describe Kelli when her husband of 10 years planned the biggest surprise for her. Steven wanted to do something different and amazing for their 10th year anniversary and he did exactly that and more. He really lived up to the saying “Action speaks louder than words” by showing his wife how much he loves her.

Watch the romantic video:

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Steven decided to hire the coolest 75- piece marching band and choir. To make the event more special, he also invited their family and friends to witness this very significant day for the couple. What makes it even romantic is when their daughters showed up carrying a sign board that says “Will you marry me… again?” Happiness and bewilderment were written all over her face. Isn’t that the sweetest wedding proposal ever?! Another perfect twist came up when Kelli figured out that there will be a wedding ceremony (again) after. Her reaction was just priceless!

Simply said, it’s just so amazing what love does.

Quite a lot to handle in just a day but I wouldn’t mind coming home to this surprise either.

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