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Apparently, We’ve All Been Peeling Post-It Notes The Wrong Way





I’m a big fan of Post-it notes. I am usually a forgetful person and so these little sticky notes are extremely helpful for me in remembering important things. Sure, there are apps and programs for mobile devices and computers but I’m pretty much a traditional guy. There’s just something satisfying about physically writing down work stuff I need to finish, items I need to pick up in the grocery, or sometimes even a quick note for my wife.

If there’s one thing that bugs me about them though, it’s probably the fact that they get kinda curly each time you peel off a piece from the bunch.

Well as it turns out, there is a right and wrong way to peel off a Post-it note.

According to a recent blog posted by Wimp, it is indeed possible to peel off these sticky things without them getting curled up.

This is how most of us peel off a Post-it note:

how to peel a post it note 1

Source: Via Wimp

When we do it this way though, you’d notice that little curve at the end of one side. Admit it or not, it is slightly annoying to write on a surface like that.

Alternatively, peeling it from the side will help you have a flat, smooth Post-it to write on.

how to peel a post it note 2

Source: Via Wimp
Now here’s the big difference between the two:

how to peel a post it note 3

Source: Via Wimp
Check out this quick video demonstration to see how it’s done:

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So yes, instead of pulling sticky notes from the bottom up, you’d want to do it from the side beginning now and onwards. There’s absolutely no turning back once you learn this simple trick.

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