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Find Out How Many Work Hours It Will Take to Buy Things With This Awesome Calculator!





Are you thinking about purchasing a new set of trainers? A new television? Or your own home, perhaps? Given your current salary, are you able to compute how many months or days it will take for you to earn the money you need to purchase the things you want?

Worry not, for this informative real-time calculator from Retale can help compute how long it will take to earn the money you need to buy the things that you want. It computes the time using your annual salary in USD and the average price of a television set, pair of running shoes, car, and a house. Aside from this, the calculator also compares your annual salary with those of other professions such as surgeons, nurses, lawyers, or truck drivers. It even compares your salary with Oprah Winfrey’s!

Retale shows you the time it takes for you to earn the money you need to buy things.


Photo credit: Retale

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Source: Retale

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