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Bank Mistakenly Puts $120,000 Into Couple’s Account And They Spent It




  • Robert and Tiffany Williams discovered $120,000 in their account and decided to spend most of it.
  • Apparently, a BB&T bank teller made the mistake of entering the wrong bank details while depositing another customer’s money.
  • The couple is now facing charges for misusing the funds.

What would you do if you suddenly find a huge amount of money deposited on your bank account? Would you immediately report the anomaly or spend the money instead?

One couple from Pennsylvania is currently in big trouble after they decided to use most of the $120,000 that a bank mistakenly entered in their account. Now felony theft charges have been filed against them as a result of their action.

Robert and Tiffany Williams discovered they had $120,000 in their joint account. They spent most of it right away.

According to reports, the Williams admitted that they spent around $107,000 of the money. In an affidavit, they specified that they used the cash to purchase an SUV, a car trailer, and two 4-wheel vehicles, among others. They also paid off some bills and gave away $15,000 to friends in need.

The error occurred when a teller from the BB&T bank in Georgia entered an incorrect account number and so the money was deposited to the couple’s account. Eventually, a customer got in touch with the bank to inquire about the lost amount, which was traced back to the Williams.

The bank tried calling the couple multiple times but failed to reach them. Eventually, Tiffany picked up and told them the funds had already been spent to pay bills.

“All I’m going to say is we took some bad legal advice from some people, and it probably wasn’t the best thing in the end,” Robert later said.

Watch the video report here:

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In a CNN interview, BB&T spokesperson Brian Davis assured the public that the issue has quickly been resolved and that they are “continuously working to enhance (their) client service and operating procedures.”

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