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15 Hilarious Celebrities Who Photobombed Random Strangers And Fellow Stars

Mark Andrew





You know what’s funnier than a good photobomber? Well, a photobombing celebrity, of course! As you will see on this photo compilation below, some popular people are absolutely comfortable about having a bit of fun on camera – usually with random tourists.

And when we say that, Arnold Schwarzenegger specifically comes to mind. The actor-turned-politician is definitely a master of trolling people and he’s pretty good at doing it. In fact, it looks like he enjoys it a lot.

Check out this compilation and see for yourself:

#1. No way, Jose!

Source: pantip

Arnold Schwarzenegger stopped by while tourists were taking a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower.

#2. “Dude looks Like a lady!”

Source: imgur

This woman wasn’t even aware that the man in the background was Seven Tyler. Imagine her surprise when she posted the photo on social media.

#3. Hey, Nic!

Source: twitter

“I tried to take a photo with my baby, but some idiot ruined it,” wrote the woman. She didn’t know the guy was Nicolas Cage.

#4. A sweet kiss and an annoying photobomber.

Source: twitter

This couple took a photo in New York and didn’t know Zach Braff was in the background.

#5. Spacious moment.

Source: reddit

Kevin Spacey photobombs a woman while jogging in Boston.

#6. For Asgard!

Source: instagram

Thor-star Chris Hemsworth acts like he should be the focus of this picture.

#7. Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?

Source: reddit

Yes, that’s Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson right there. A former wrestling star, a Hollywood actor, and perhaps the future president of the United States?

#8. The Queen has quite a unique sense of humor.

Source: rexfeatures

This was taken at the Commonwealth Games as hockey players were taking a selfie. Queen Elizabeth II thought it would be fun to photobomb them.

#9. Taken at Coachella music festival.

Source: imgur

Aaron Paul in the background y’all!

#10. Meanwhile…

Source: imgur

Will Wheaton spotted an opportunity and didn’t think twice about grabbing it.

#11. Another royal photobomb.

This time its Prince Harry also at the Commonwealth Games.

#12. Oh, Arnold. You again?

Source: rexfeatures

“An old man with a cigar spoiled my photo with Sylvester Stallone.”

Actualy, it’s not just random strangers that get photobombed by celebrities but even other celebrities themselves.

#13. That distinct stare.

Source: rexfeatures

Here’s George Clooney photobombing singer Ellie Goulding and Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann.

#14. Nice smile, Ms Jolie.

Source: reuters

Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black photobomb Angelina Jolie.

#15. Dr. Strange doing strange things.

Source: eastnews

You may be cool but not as cool as Benedict Cumberbatch – who photobombed U2 at the Oscars.

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