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12 High-Tech Gadgets That We May Not Be Ready For

Looking for really smart gadgets that can revolutionize your life? Here are some devices that will surprise you how technology developed over time.

Donna Marie Padua





The world has become a better place, thanks to the continuous innovations brought about by technology. With the products we use today from phones to laptops to cars to automatic devices, our lives have greatly become pretty convenient and we should not be surprised if, in the near future, we will be like kings and queens sitting on a chair with everything we need is served in front of us by gadgets, devices or robots!

We see a lot of futuristic products on sci-fi movies, but what we don’t know is that some of them have already been materialized in real life. Ironically, their simplicity makes some people find them complex and hard to use, most especially those who are not tech-savvy. Gadgets are even becoming “intelligent” that some of us are already growing scared of this smart-tech generation.

Nonetheless, here are 12 very smart gadgets recently released that are proving useful but you or other people around you might not be ready to embrace, just yet.

#1 SpotMini

Technology might be making us lazier and the SpotMini is diligent enough to do a very simple task of just picking up objects at home or the office. This robot was created by the engineering and robotics design company, Boston Dynamics, which produced the BigDog robot for the U.S. military. Hopefully, in the coming years, this product will be packed with more functionality to make its price worth it.


If you think the smartwatch is already smart enough, wait before you discover the functions of the smart ring. This ring allows you a full hands-free control of your smartphone. You can now take calls just by holding the ring up to your ear without touching any button or screen. And don’t underestimate the quality of this small device as it is said to have a crystal clear audio. Furthermore, you can send messages and make social media posts with the ring, perhaps through voice-activated commands.


And just when we introduced the smart ring comes a more amazing invention. By strapping the Sgnl band to your smartwatch, any phone call is now a fingertip away. The device currently works with Apple Watch, Samsung Gear or Pebble Time. The band works by transmitting a vibration through your hand and finger, which later translates into a sound in the ear.

#4 Muzo

Source: kickstarter

Any place can now be quieter with Muzo. Find peace and create your personal relaxing haven even in a crowded bar through Muzo which eliminates unwanted nearby sounds. This device works with smartphones and has a variety of settings to help them determine what kind of silence you want.

#5 Nora

Source: amazon

This is practically a smart pillow that works when it detects your snoring. Simply insert the Nora inside your pillow and it will automatically adjust your head position when you snore.

#6 Noonee

Source: youtube

If your job requires you to stand all day long, you no longer have to worry about snatching a time to rest through the Noonee. This product is a wearable ergonomic mechatronic device that works like an exoskeleton and converts into a chair when you bend your knees.

#7 Zungle

If you are a music lover but you don’t want to damage your ear with headphones, then the Zungle is the device to buy. The Zungle is actually a pair of sunglasses that uses bone conduction technology to transmit sound directly into your head.

#8 OMBra

Source: omsignal

Girls win with this technology. The Ombra by OMSignal is a smart sports bra that you can use to track your fitness data like heart rate, calorie and steps count and can even record your oxygen consumption and breathing rhythm while exercising which smartwatches cannot do.

#9 Digitsole Smartshoe

Source: kickstarter

The Digitsole Smartshoe is ready to crash the Nike AirMag shoe tech. It features auto-tightening, heated insoles, 3D walk analyzing, and gives feedback on your gait. Definitely a shoe from the future.

#10 Griffin Toaster

It has taken years before we heard an innovation on toaster products. Well, the Griffin Toaster doesn’t actually do that much but it is still cool to have it controlled by your phone. Now, you can select how toasted you want your toast and even get a notification on your phone when it is done toasting your bread.

#11 Plume

Source: plumelabs

The Plume is basically your lung-health partner. This tiny wearable device can track the pollution and air quality around you. It has a record of chemical compounds found in the air that are harmful to us. So when you live in the city, be sure to wear the Plume and be notified of the condition of the air you are breathing.

#12 Proof

Source: milosensor

If you are a party-freak but later need to drive back home, Milo Sensor’s Proof might be the gadget you need to use. This device keeps track of your blood alcohol content by analyzing the perspiration from your skin. It later sends the data to your smartphone and can be monitored via an app.

You probably found some of these high-tech gadgets pretty interesting, and might be already be thinking of buying one of them this very instant. Thinking how they can be really useful though in your daily life is an important factor to consider as you noticed some of them are mere luxuries.


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