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15 Weird Travel Gadgets That Are Actually Useful





Traveling – albeit tiring sometimes – is one of the most satisfying things a person can experience. And every travel, we get to discover new sceneries and culture. More importantly, we get to meet new people along the road. Still, we want to make sure that we feel comfortable and relaxed in our escapades.

Elite Readers has compiled a list of travel gadgets that are both weird and useful at the same time. They are guaranteed to help you enjoy and make your vacation worthwhile. Check them out below!

#1. Upright Sleeper

Source: Skymall

This device may look like a collar built for a neck injury, but it is actually meant as a head holder. It allows you to sleep comfortably during travel and prevents your neck from getting numb.

#2. Air-conditioned Shirt

Source: Kuchofuku

Yes, this is no joke. A shirt with an air-conditioning feature really exists. It basically has a special ventilation hole that lets in air, which circulates around your body and thus prevents you from sweating.

#3. Metal-Detecting Sandals

Source: hammacher

Let us say in your travel you want to find treasure. But since you certainly do not want a huge metal detector, you can always opt to use this kind of sandals. When there is treasure (i.e. gold) beneath you, the sandals will start to vibrate. It is definitely a cool way to look for gold deposits and stuff.

#4. Rolling Suitcase

Thanks to this rolling suitcase, you can enjoy the thrill of riding a scooter while bringing your belongings. This is perfect most especially if your luggage is way too heavy. Instead of carrying them, you can use this special suitcase.

#5. Pillow Hat

Source: Pinterest

If you are fond of traveling by train or airplane, the pillow hat is certainly helpful. This will help you sleep comfortably while sitting.

#6. Beardski

Source: Beardski

Wearing this fake beard might be funny, but it is still a stylish way to not getting cold when skiing or snowboarding. Made of fleece and vented neoprene, the beardski is suitable for anyone who loves to traverse the cold.

#7. Banana Guard

Source: bananaguard

Tired of seeing your banana go rot? Well, not anymore – this banana guard is all you need! Say goodbye to bruised bananas, as this device can safeguard your favorite fruit big time.

#8. Sleeping Bag Onesie

Source: selkbag

This one here is apt for those who are sensitive to cold. It is also perfect for people who love to sleep anywhere possible. The sleeping bag onesie acts as, well, sleeping bag and onesie at the same time.

#9. Anti-Mosquito Socks

Source: careplus

Apart from providing warmth and comfort, these socks prevent mosquitos from biting your feet and legs. They are pretty much available for kids and adults.

#10. Pee Helper

Source: shewee

Is it not inconvenient when you are traveling and all of a sudden you want to pee? The only catch is that you cannot find any toilet nearby.

This pee helper is the right one for you! And they are not just for boys; they can also be used by girls.

#11. Communication T-Shirt

Source: iconspeak

This special t-shirt can save you from possible miscommunications while traveling around the world. For instance, you do not know how to speak English. You can use this shirt to communicate. Just simply point the symbol that shows what you need. Voila, you are good to go!

#12. Pillow-Boyfriend

The boyfriend pillow is made specifically for the lonely ones. Or, perhaps, you just need the comfort and warmth of the human touch, then this pillow is your best bet.

#13. Emergency Charger

Source: hammacher

If you are in a situation where your phone battery is either low or dead, it is almost as if you are going to die. Kidding aside, let’s just say it is very difficult when your phone is unusable. This is exactly where the emergency charger enters. You just need to connect your phone to it using a USB cable, and then twist the knob to start charging your device. One minute of twisting is already equivalent to 4 minutes of phone life. Not much but it is already enough to give you power.

#14. Disposable Toothbrushes

This hygienic gadget is definitely handy for travel enthusiasts. When there is no water and you really need to brush your teeth, these disposable toothbrushes are perfect. Of course, you just have to use your saliva since there is no water.

#15. NASA Sleeping Mask

Source: hammacher

There is a reason why NASA’s applauded for developing this sleeping mask. It uses a combination of blue and red lights which combats insomnia and other sleep issues. Above all, it blocks all surrounding ambient lights and only uses two colors to create a comfortable atmosphere for your eyes.

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