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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sleeping Naked





We spend one-third of our total lifetime sleeping. That’s 33 percent of our life sequestered in dreamland. According to the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research, that amounts to an average of 227,468 hours, or a total of 26 years with our eyes closed.

Now imagine not getting enough sleep. It’s a serious problem in many countries, and this results in a whole slew of health issues down the road. One solution to getting the best sleep in your life is to do it naked. Yes, in your birthday suit.

Here are 10 benefits to sleeping naked that will improve your life in many different ways:

#1. It will simplify your life.

Once you start sleeping in the buff, you’ll find out your life just got easier. It means no more buying pajamas, plus you’ll have less clothes to wash. This saves you more money on clothing, detergent, and power in the long run.

#2. It helps you avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

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Often, when people get home from work, they immediately change into their pajamas and park themselves in front of the TV. Upon waking up, they lounge around in their pajamas, as well. This leads to a couch potato kind of life that results in weight gain. Sleeping naked ensures you jump out of bed to put something on right away. It also keeps you fully dressed before going to sleep. Keeping regular clothes on longer during waking hours leads to a more active lifestyle.

#3. You’ll feel more happy and free.

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Imagine lying in bed without a single confining stitch on: no underwear to bunch up, no pajamas to constrain your movements. This singular free feeling between two cool sheets feels good, and everyone deserves this kind of feeling once in a while to make them happy.

#4. Nothing beats the feeling of skin-on-skin contact.

Source: Med Daily

For couples sleeping together, nothing beats doing so naked. It gives more opportunities for skin-on-skin contact, especially during cuddle time. Sleeping naked together also leads to a more active sex life. Frequent sex releases good amounts of oxytoxin, which is one of the feel good hormones that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Oxytoxin plays a crucial role in strengthening couple bonding.

#5. You sleep better.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, our bodies need to be cooler while asleep. Wearing pajamas or other kinds of sleepwear prevents this. Sleeping in your birthday suit ensures you have just the right temperature throughout the night, and this in turn leads to better, deeper sleep and improved health.

#6. You reap the benefits of healthier skin.

When you sleep in the buff, your pores are able to breathe better. This includes your armpits, feet, and privates which spend all day covered in several layers of clothing. When you give your skin a chance to breathe, you lower your risk of acquiring rashes, bumps, and other skin diseases.

#7. Sleeping naked helps you regulate your cortisol.

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Cortisol is a life-sustaining adrenal hormone known as the “stress hormone.” When our body produces very little of it, it results in chronic stress. Sleeping naked regulates your body temperature at the most optimal range for it to produce more cortisol. High cortisol levels decreases anxiety, food cravings, weight gain, and sleep disruption. It also lowers the risk of blood sugar imbalances, high blood pressure, and low immune function.

#8. Nude slumber balances your melatonin and growth hormone levels.

Source: Life Hack

With a less restricted sleeping environment, read: sans clothes, your body is better able to regulate melatonin and the growth hormones. These two chemicals work to keep you in good health, and slow down ageing.

#9. It makes for happier sex organs.

Take note of this, men. Sleeping in your birthday suit airs out your testes and gives it a cooler temperature to be free in. This results in healthy sperm and optimally functioning reproductive organs. For women, airier conditions help prevent the occurrence of yeast infections that thrive in warm, moist areas.

#10. Its more comfortable to sleep naked in the summer.

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Slumbering butt naked makes the heat more bearable during the summer months, not to mention save you on energy costs.


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