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Guy Makes $16,000 In 7 Hours By Letting People Disrupt His Sleep




  • Los Angeles-based YouTuber Asian Andy made $1,600 in one night by livestreaming his sleep on Twitch.
  • Viewers disrupted his sleep by paying for different types of noises.
  • Andy, who used to drive Uber, thanked his followers for their generosity.

How would you like to make bug bucks in your sleep? Well one guy made that happen and all he had to do was doze off and stream it online!

Apparently, Twitch streamer Asian Andy earned $16,000 in one night by allowing his viewers to try to wake him up. According to reports, he made money by giving them options for disturbing his sleep through different types of noises such as a dog bark, and loud music, among others.

Sleeping while earning? Yes, it’s possible for some livestreamers.

Andy, who has over 1 million YouTube subscribers, later uploaded a video about it. We can see him waking up several times as his followers played music, sent messages and even made his alarm go off. This was made possible by text-to-speech recognition system during the livestream.

Andy used to be an Uber driver and earned $16 an hour. Now he made $1,600 in 7 hours!

Naturally, the 26-year-old guy from Los Angeles couldn’t help but express his surprise and gratitude when he found out how much money he made in so little time.

He remarked:

“God damn, thank you so much. Last sleep stream world record was $6,000. You guys… $16,000? I used to drive Uber man for $16 an hour. I used to drive Uber, that’s all I would do and go to school. You guys made my life, seriously. This is f*cking crazy.”

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Usually utilized by gamers for livestreaming videogames online, Twitch has been gaining popularity for a host of other things as well.

In fact, Asian Andy wasn’t the first one to come up with the idea of sleeping while using the platform. In 2017, another Twitch influencer Ice Poseidon banked $5,000 in 8 hours.

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