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21 Awesome Reasons You And Your Partner Should Make Love Everyday





Pleasure is one of the main benefits of sex but the act also brings more than just that. Making love is part of most couples’ relationships and doing it more often, like every day, not only lets you feel close – even closer – to your significant other. There have been reports that sex helps you relax and gets rid of stress.

Regular sex is the secret to happiness, long life and a healthy body. Apparently, there are more reasons you need to make love to your partner every day.

#1. Lengthens life

An Australian study found out that people who have at least one orgasm a day had 50 percent lower chance of dying due to medical causes. And this was compared to people who only climaxed once a week or a month.

#2. Youthful look

Source: iwallfinder

Royal Edinburgh Hospital clinical neuropsychologist Dr. David Weeks shared at a conference that older men and women who have an active sex life will make them look younger by five to seven years. However, this does not mean they really have to do it daily; the research found that quality is just important. Having “loving” sex brings more anti-ageing benefits.

#3. Boost fertility

Source: newsweek

The more often you make love, the better quality of sperm men will produce. This would be great for couples who are trying to conceive. The quality of sperm cells tends to be great when a man has sex daily.

#4. Ease menstrual cramps

Ladies will be happy about this news! A lot of women have described that menstrual pain can be diminished if they have sex during a cramp attack.

#5. Lowers risk of incontinence

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Sex can be great as a pelvic floor exercise. The pelvic floor muscles control orgasms to improve flow of urine. Unfortunately, these muscles weaken with menopause and pregnancy. You may choose to check out YouTube for pelvic floor exercise you can do at home, but many would agree that sex is much more enjoyable.

#6. Prevents colds and flu

Source: Freestocks

It turns out that making love every day improves the level of an antibody called immunoglobulin A (IgA), which protects the body from colds and flu.

#7. Protects body from diseases

The body is generally protected if you have sex more often. DHEA, a natural steroid also called the anti-ageing hormone is secreted in the body when doing the deed. When climaxing, this hormone reaches five times than the normal amount.

#8. Prevents heart attack

Several studies have been done to show how sex can prevent future heart attacks. Making love three times a week could reduce the risk of heart diseases.

#9. Fights depression

Sex is like doing some exercise and for that, the activity also liberates feel-good hormones.

#10. Gives “the glow”

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Sex also promotes skin renewal so people will always get that healthier, glowing skin.

#11. Burn calories

As mentioned, sex is an exercise and doing 30 minutes can already burn up 100 calories. That makes you able to burn 5,000 calories a year if you do the deed on a regular basis.

#12. Improves self-esteem

A survey by the University of Texas found that people who had sex more often tend to feel more confident about themselves.

#13. Smoothens wrinkles

Estrogen is produced while having sex. This hormone can help make the skin look more plump, getting rid of the fine lines. Who needs Botox when you can just have the more pleasurable lovemaking?

#14. Improves attractiveness

Active sex life can make the body release pheromones, or chemicals that make you look highly attractive to the opposite sex. This is why you tend to have that strong desire to make love to your partner if you do the deed regularly.

#15. Cures headaches

Scientific evidence pointed out that sex can actually rid of headache. Who needs aspirin then?

#16. Lowers blood pressure

Separate American and Scottish studies have found that regular sexual intercourse lets can lower men and women’s blood pressure. These people can also cope well with stress.

#17. Fights stress

Touching, which happens a lot in sex, and cuddling, which happens at some point, can reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body.

#18. Good night’s sleep

Can’t sleep straight? Have sex with your partner! The feel-good hormone released by doing the deed promotes relaxation and can help you sleep better.

#19. Strengthens bones

The strength of the bones diminishes in post-menopausal women. But sex can increase the level of estrogen, which protects the bones from thinning. The same protection can be offered to men since testosterone, which increases during and after sex, can also promote bone strength.

#20. Reduce prostate cancer risk

Men in their 50s who have an active sex life have lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Sex helps eliminate toxins in the prostate that can trigger cancer.

#21. Feel awesome all day!

People have different ways to start their day right and get in the right mood. According to studies, sex can make you feel good all day, so you might want to start your day by getting some love.

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