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This Lovely Lady Discovered A Spy Camera In Her Bathroom Shower

Harmony Hachey was shocked to find out someone’s been spying on her – through a camera on her bathroom shower!


Whether you are on a vacation or on a business journey, nothing compares to the satisfying feeling of having a nice shower after an otherwise long, tiring day. It just relaxes your body and helps you to prepare for a wonderful rest.

Imagine how shocked you would be, however, if you suddenly find out that a hidden camera is actually installed in your bathroom shower.

This is exactly what a young woman recently experienced while she was staying at a hotel for a work-related trip.

Harmony Hachey had the shock of her life as she noticed a tiny camera concealed at her bathroom in the Oxford Wheatley Travelodge. This means she was being watched the entire time she was taking a bath!

How did she react to the unexpected discovery? Of course, she immediately called the attention of the management and later reported the incident to the Thames Valley Police.

23-year-old Harmony Hachey was terrified to find a hidden camera installed in her shower.

hidden-camera-shower-hotel 2

Photo credit: Unilad

This lady guest from Edinburgh, Scotland was so disgusted and said:

“I broke down at one point. I just felt so violated.”

Although connected to a USB unit, the cops confirmed that the camera was not operational.

hidden-camera-shower-hotel 1

Photo credit: Unilad

The police immediately confiscated the recording equipment and saw that it was connected to a USB unit. They believe, however, that the camera was not operational when they retrieved it meaning no footages were recorded at all.

As a way of apology, Travelodge issued the victim a full refund and allowed her to pick another room.

Investigators suspect the camera was installed during shower maintenance.

hidden-camera-shower-hotel 3

Photo credit: Unilad

Investigations are currently ongoing but most speculations point towards maintenance men installing the camera while they were doing their work.

Ladies, be aware of your surroundings at all times – and not only in hotels because this can happen anywhere, even in a Starbucks bathroom or something.

H/T: Unilad



Woman Strolls Through NYC in Street Clothes vs. in Hijab – Bystanders’ Reactions are so Different!

The bystander’s responses to the woman in the situations were severely contrasting!


Even in this modern age, women all over the world still suffer from gender inequality and sexual harassment. In some countries, women are restricted from exercising the most basic of rights, such as education. In some cases, women are still considered as the inferior sex and are forced to face harassment and blatant disrespect from men.

This video, shot in New York, shows a social experiment wherein a woman walks down the busy streets wearing two sets of clothes - five hours in ordinary street clothes first, then another five hours in a "hijab" - the typical outfit for Muslim women.

Watch the video for the striking difference between the two situations:

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In This City in China, Several Girls Can Share a Boyfriend

“It is a lot easier here to find a girlfriend than a job”


As absurd as it may sound, having three girlfriends in a certain city in China is pretty much considered normal.

Dongguan, dubbed as the "world’s factory", is a city known for its factories manufacturing gadgets such as  iPhones and iPads. The city located in South China’s Guangdong province is also famous for its polyamorous relationships culture and kept men. Apparently, the tremendous imbalance between the two sexes in the city has allowed men to have more than one girlfriend.

Instead of hiring men, local factories with assembly plants prefer employing far more reliable women. As a result, the city has just 89 males for every 100 females.

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With Hard Work And Diet, This Couple Went From Fat To Fit In Just 4 Months!

With hard work and diet, this couple went through a body transformation together in merely four months. Very impressive!

“Relationship” and “goals” – two words that definitely sound cute when mentioned together. Besides, what could be more adorable than a couple working together on the same objective – especially if they are motivating and supporting each other.

The story below is a testament to the power of love and determination.

Song Jin Yoo and Sjin Ji Hoo had been together for a while and both wanted to improve their bodies. So together, they decided to hit the gym and start eating right. What they achieved in four short months will surely leave you astounded.

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