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This Lovely Lady Discovered A Spy Camera In Her Bathroom Shower





Whether you are on a vacation or on a business journey, nothing compares to the satisfying feeling of having a nice shower after an otherwise long, tiring day. It just relaxes your body and helps you to prepare for a wonderful rest.

Imagine how shocked you would be, however, if you suddenly find out that a hidden camera is actually installed in your bathroom shower.

This is exactly what a young woman recently experienced while she was staying at a hotel for a work-related trip.

Harmony Hachey had the shock of her life as she noticed a tiny camera concealed at her bathroom in the Oxford Wheatley Travelodge. This means she was being watched the entire time she was taking a bath!

How did she react to the unexpected discovery? Of course, she immediately called the attention of the management and later reported the incident to the Thames Valley Police.

23-year-old Harmony Hachey was terrified to find a hidden camera installed in her shower.

hidden-camera-shower-hotel 2

Photo credit: Unilad

This lady guest from Edinburgh, Scotland was so disgusted and said:

“I broke down at one point. I just felt so violated.”

Although connected to a USB unit, the cops confirmed that the camera was not operational.

hidden-camera-shower-hotel 1

Photo credit: Unilad

The police immediately confiscated the recording equipment and saw that it was connected to a USB unit. They believe, however, that the camera was not operational when they retrieved it meaning no footages were recorded at all.

As a way of apology, Travelodge issued the victim a full refund and allowed her to pick another room.

Investigators suspect the camera was installed during shower maintenance.

hidden-camera-shower-hotel 3

Photo credit: Unilad

Investigations are currently ongoing but most speculations point towards maintenance men installing the camera while they were doing their work.

Ladies, be aware of your surroundings at all times – and not only in hotels because this can happen anywhere, even in a Starbucks bathroom or something.

H/T: Unilad


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