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Dentist Shocked to Find Guava Sprout Growing Out of the Cavity in a Man’s Molar.





Let’s face it, oddity pays off—big time! No matter how fascinatingly weird or disgusting things or even people may be, the latest craze will always keep up the frenzy. With approximately 4,823 bizarre events, sightings and performances ever recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, there will always be greater probability that humanity can contribute to the profound ambiguity of oddity. With a running 7.3 billion people compromising the human race to date, the evolution of man has always been questionable as to simply—is that really possible?!

Much as people enjoy the one in a million life-time entertainment social media feeds us, what you are about to watch is quite fascinatingly disturbing. This rare condition of an ordinary 36-year-old Taiwanese man is no exception to Ripley’s Believe it or Not TV series.

Watch the video:

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The animated video shows a CGI representation of a man who sought dental assistance for what he thought was simple tooth decay. After extracting the offending tooth, he and his dentist were both shocked after finding out that a guava sprout actually started to emerge out of the cavity in the molar! The dentist believes that the seed was able to germinate freely since the gentleman had no wisdom tooth at the opposing gum. Soon enough, the dentist bragged about the discovery to fellow dental assistants and other patients waiting in line.

To his embarrassment, the gentleman hastily left the clinic to avoid the walk of shame and perhaps indignation at being turned into a freak show. Good enough, the dentist was able to take a photo of the rare discovery for everyone’s delight.

Here’s the actual photo that the amused dentist took.


Photo credit: Google Images

The photo has since then circulated all over putting it on hot seat. “What are the odds that a fruit can germinate from a tooth?” one viewer asked. “It was bound to happen.” said another. As impossible as it may seem, this only proves that there are certain things beyond the human mind’s capacity to explain.

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