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Gamer Girl Belle Delphine Sells Own Bath Water To Fans For $30

Would you drink her bath water?

  • Youtuber and Instagram model Belle Delphine has found a way to make more money by selling her own bath water.
  • With millions of followers on social media, Delphine sells them out in just one day.
  • This is just one of the weird ideas she has that actually works for her fans.

Some people show just how much they appreciate their favorite celebrity’s hotness by throwing comments such as “I’d drink her bath water.” That just shows how desirable that celebrity is. One Instagram model wants her million followers to realize that it’s possible to, at least, own one.

Nineteen-year-old Belle Delphine, who rose to fame for her NSFW content, has found a way to earn more money by selling a bottle of her own bath water. Belle took to Instagram to announce her new venture, addressing the “THIRSTY gamer boys” who are most likely the ones interested in the product.

In just one day, Belle’s bath water sells out.

The British NSFW cosplayer’s business idea started out as a joke. Speaking to Metro, Belle shared that she is aware of how popular the comment “let me drink your bath water” in the gaming community is. While this may be a joke, she took it as an idea and thought that it would be funny to have people own her bath residue in jars.

And the idea actually works. The product is available (but has already sold out) at her own store and is listed as Gamer Girl Bath Water, selling for $30 per jar. It has a description that states:

“Bottled while I’m playing in the bath. This really is bath water. This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.” 

More than 500 bottles have been ordered.
Belle said she just had to stop…
Just imagine how many baths she needs to take to keep it going.

It might be weird to many people but Belle has received much weirder requests of things that she needs to do or sell to her fans. She said:

“I have had a bunch of odd requests, some have asked me to spit in the water, pee in it and requested the water to come off my body and drip into the bottle from.. certain areas,”

And of course, this lucrative business idea has met some controversies, including claims that it is a scam or is dangerous. It was claimed that Belle has herpes and she could infect anyone who will have the product. Another one from a molecular biologist stated that Belle is just faking it and that her product isn’t actually her bath water since it reportedly didn’t contain human DNA.

Addressing her rumors, Belle took to social media and said that nobody could have gotten sick from her bath water because she hasn’t shipped them out yet when those claims surfaced.


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